Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year!

Wow, it just seems like we were anxiously awaiting the Millenium, and now it's already the last day of 2012! Do you remember the Y2K frenzy? And, nothing happened at all! Lots has changed for all of us both personally and professionally since January 1, 2000. Today, thanks to so many amazing advancing technologies, we are all socially connected too! Facebook was launched in 2004, Twitter was created in 2006, and Pinterest started consuming my life in 2011! Life is great!  All of us here at Zoey's Attic and Zoey's Attic Personalized Gifts, wish all of you a very safe, healthy, and Happy New Year!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Happy Holidays!

Christmas is almost here! It has been a very busy holiday season and Zoey's elves have worked day and night processing your orders for your special Christmas shirts and gifts.  We are now beginning to wind down and start our personal Christmas shopping! Yikes, only a few days left to get everything ready! It's been a great year and we love you all so much for helping this mom grow her little baby into a full fledged biz! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all our Flock!!!

Friday, November 30, 2012

Happy, Happy, Happy.....

Well, it's officially the last day of November and I have accomplished nothing at all for the Holidays. No decorations up, no baking done, no presents have been bought, no holiday cards have been sent..not even signed nor addressed for that matter! So much to do, but in the meantime we have several December birthdays in the family that must be celebrated first! My focus is on the birthday kids for now. So instead of Happy Holidays and Happy New Year, it's Happy Birthday for some of my favorite little nieces and nephews!  I'm loving the personalized tees and bags from Zoey's Attic and I know the kiddos would love them too.  I especially love Zoey's dinosaur shirts and my niece is a huge fan of Sue, the dinosaur.  Ever since she saw Sue at the Field Museum in Chicago my niece has been enamored with her, the best preserved Tyrannosaurus Rex ever! So I'm getting this adorable shirt and having it customized by removing the "Big Sister" text and replacing it with my niece's and Sue's names and adding a few colorful hairbows too. Then I have a nephew turning two and he is a lover of trucks, all trucks!  His favorite truck is the fire truck.  Zoey's Attic has just the tee for him too. I'll have the "Big Brother" text changed to Birthday Boy and it will be the perfect gift for my sweet little nephew! So no matter whether you are birthday shopping or holiday shopping, be sure to check out Zoey's Attic! I'm sure you will find just the perfect gift for everyone in the family!

Zoey's Attic Personalized Shirts and Gifts

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Doggies Love Santa Too!

Naughty or Nice Holiday T-Shirts for Dogs and Kids
I love my dogs! They are like children to me, and sometimes I think my daughter gets a little bit jealous of all the attention given to our poochies. Oh well, some day she will understand and be grateful for the pleasure and unconditional love given by our pups. So our dogs are members of the family and just like everyone else they get birthday cakes and presents, Easter baskets, and Santa brings gifts too. The doggies also get special outfits for the Holidays.  Zoey's Attic has some really sweet and funny Santa shirts for the dogs.  You could even get matching Christmas shirts for the kiddos! The whole family will be the talk of the neighborhood when everyone sees them strutting by on their daily walk! The shirts can also be personalized and customized with whatever special wording you'd like. Happy Holidays to all!

I Can Explain Holiday T-shirts for Dogs and Kids

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Give Thanks

Personalized Thanksgiving Day Shirts

Thanksgiving is observed in the United States on the fourth Thursday of November each year. This year's celebration will take place on November 22nd. I have always loved Thanksgiving since I was a small child. Preparations began on Thanksgiving Eve when I would help my mom make her special stuffing for the turkey. My job was to toast the four loaves of bread needed to make the dressing. The toasted bread would then be torn into small cubes and simmered in herbs and spices. Onions, celery, and sausage would be added to make the best turkey dressing ever! The mouthwatering smell would permeate the house all night long and into the early morning hours of Thanksgiving Day. What could possibly be better than watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade while snuggled on the couch in my pj's and savoring the smell of the turkey roasting in the oven? Grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins would begin to arrive in the late afternoon for a large family gathering and shared meal. Oh such special memories of times past! Everyone would dress in adorable Thanksgiving attire and heartwarming family stories would be told... some old, some new. Some Thanksgiving Day celebrations even included the joyous news that a new little turkey would be joining the family! Wishing everyone of a memorable day of Thanks!

Thanksgiving Day Shirts, Bibs, Sibling Sets

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Tweet, tweet..Siblings are...sweet, sweet!

Expecting a new brother or sister to join the family? Are the older kiddos excited?  Here are the perfect sibling sets to announce to the world their new statuses as "Big Brother" and "Big Sister!"  Sibling shirts are made special for each child. You can get a matching set for any brother/sister, brother/brother, or sister/sister combination. There are so many choices in designs and you can even mix and match them to create your very own custom sibling set. So the older sibling might choose a big sister ballerina shirt or a big brother dinosaur tee and little sister might have our popular whimsy bird. Whatever you like, we can do it! Sibling sets for two, three, four or more are oh so fun and make everyone feel oh so special! Perfect for a baby shower gift, for welcoming a new arrival, or just a super sweet sibling set for the family picture.

Sunday, October 07, 2012

Spooktacular Halloween Tees and More

Halloween T-shirts, Onesies, Treat Bags
The first week of October has come to a close, and in just over three short weeks Halloween will be here! Considering that chocolate (actually any candy!) is my very favorite food this special day is very dear to me!  Besides collecting all the scrumptious candy in your very own loot bag, you may have a special announcement or maybe it's a first Halloween for the little one in your family. Whatever your needs are for this Halloween, Zoey's Attic has just the shirt, onesie, or trick or treat bag for you! From the devilish pregnancy announcement t-shirt to the itty-bitty, teeny-weeny, first Halloweeny onesie to the hip skull and cross bones sibling sets, you'll be the darling of the day!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Fun At Pumpkinland


Personalized childrens raglan Tshirt

One of my very favorite Fall activities is the annual visit to Pumpkinland at a farm nearby. I love watching all the kids (big and little, young and old) having so much fun flying through the air on the zipline, chasing one another through the corn maze, and petting all the animals in the petting zoo. They usually have goats, cows, chickens, and horses. The kiddos can also feed the goats! After climbing the bales of hay we finally take the wagon ride out to the pumpkin patch. Once there, we all hop off and pick the perfect pumpkin to make the perfect Jack-O-Lantern! There are so many fun photo opps during a visit to the pumpkin patch, so why not wear a customized tee for an awesome touch to the family picture?

Monday, September 10, 2012

Shiver Me Timbers, It's A Pirate Holiday!

Did you know September 19th is International Talk Like A Pirate Day?  Now, how fun is that?  Way back in 1995, two friends John Baur and Mark Summers, came up with the idea for this fun holiday. Then in 2002, these fun loving pirates shared details of this parodic holiday with the syndicated columnist Dave Barry. Being the humorist he is, Dave decided to promote Talk Like A Pirate Day in his columns. This movement caught on and this year International Talk Like A Pirate Day is celebrating its 10th anniversary! So if you need an adorable tee for Talk Like A Pirate Day or just a fun way to announce a new little matey is being added to your crew, we've got you covered!  You'll love our swashbuckling designs for the little pirate lovers in your life!  All of our tshirts are completely customizable too: change colors, the wording, add a name, anything you need! We're here to help make your International Talk Like A Pirate Day the best ever!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Thankful For Grandparents!

Did you know that Grandparents Day will be celebrated in the U.S. on Sunday, September 9th?  It was proclaimed a national holiday in 1978 by President Jimmy Carter. The idea was conceived in 1970 by a West Virginia housewife, Marian McQuade. Through her efforts statewide, the United States Congress passed legislation to proclaim the first Sunday after Labor Day as National Grandparents Day. September was chosen as the month to celebrate our beloved Grandparents because it is a month representative of the "autumn years" of life. A special day to recognize Grandparents is also set aside in several other countries throughout the world. For example, it is celebrated each year in Canada on the second Sunday of September. In Australia, Queensland was the first state to officially celebrate Grandparents Day on the first Sunday in November 2010. Several European nations also set aside a special day to honor Grandparents. France celebates the first Sunday of March, Italy on October 2nd, and the U.K. recognizes Grandparents on the first Sunday of October. Why not say "thank you" with a hug and custom gift from Zoey's Attic? Special thanks to my awesome Grandparents. Love you always from here to eternity!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Run, Run Mommy and Daddy!

Personalized run mommy run t-shirt
Personalized run daddy run t-shirt

Fall is the perfect time of year for a Marathon run! The cooler temps make it a little bit more tolerable for sure! The Marathon schedule for September and October has some exciting events all over North America! Here is a totally incomplete listing of some events you may want to consider: Tupelo Marathon in Tupelo, MS on 9-2;  Cape Breton Fiddlers Run Marathon on 9-9 in Sydney, NS, Canada; Autumn Color Run in Buena Vista, CO on 9-15; Flagstaff Marathon in Flagstaff, AZ on 9-22; Thunder Bay Marathon, Thunder Bay, ON, Canada on 9-23; Bank of America Chicago Marathon on 10-7; Nike Women's Marathon on 10-14 in San Francisco, CA; Detroit Free Press/TalmerBank Marathon and the Rock 'n Roll St. Louis Marathon both on 10-21; and finally the Marine Corps Marathon in Washington, DC on 10-28. To find an event in your area be sure to check out the race calendar. Now that you're signed up for the big race you will need to get your cheerleaders ready for the big event! You'll be energized every time you see your kiddos cheering you along the route in their "run mommy/daddy run" or "our mommy/daddy's running.. try and keep up!" tees. These fun personalized t-shirts can also be customized for colors and wording to fit your team name or really anything you need! Good luck to all our running friends in your races this Fall!
Mommy or Daddy running T-shirt front
Try & keep up T-shirt back

Thursday, August 02, 2012

Current Turnaround Notice


I got a SUPER surprise Anniversary present and I'm headed out cruising the Caribbean!! So, starting August 2nd ALL ORDERS WILL BE SHIPPED out in 5-7 BUSINESS DAYS starting the first day after you place your order. This does not include time in shipping, just processing. Please add 3-5 shipping days, all in all about 10-15 business days from ordering to receiving... . AGAIN - orders placed AFTER August 1st, will not be shipped for at least 5 business days. If this does not work with your time line, I apologize and hope to help you in the future, but if you can wait just a teenie bit longer than usual, I will begin shipping as quickly as I can upon my return August 10th. Thanks so much for your understanding!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Everyone's a Rockstar!

Rockstar Dad & Child Gift Set
Big sister someday rockstar raglan Tshirt

When I was younger (a lot younger!), I dreamed of being a rockstar! Well, maybe I really just wanted to be a diva! My friends and I would sing continually pretending to be stars. Why, we even had fake made-up girl bands! I, of course, wouldn't want to date myself so I won’t be sharing with you my all time favorite rockstar idols!  I'll bet that our Mom wannabe rockstars see the same passion in their children. It's fun to fantasize about being a rockstar, and who knows, some of our little ones may well someday be an American Idol. But for now, how about a simple t-shirt from Zoey's Personalized Gifts for the aspiring rockstars in the family?
Big sister rockstar personalized Tshirt
Big brother rockstar personalized Tshirt

Friday, July 13, 2012

Ahoy Mateys!

Gray skull & cross bones sibling set
I must admit that I have never understood the fascination with the skull and cross bones. I guess I've just never really been into the pirate scene. That being said, there sure are tons of people who love the skull and cross bones and we've had so many requests for custom design shirts for both boys and girls and even newborn babies! Ahoy mateys, here is the good news for all our punk and pirate lovers... we've just added some new skull and cross bone designs to our sibling set collection at Zoey's Personalized Gifts/Zoey's Attic. These fun matching sets can be customized for any big brother/big sister and little brother/little sister combination you would ever need! I just know you're going to love these new skull and cross bone sibling sets!

White skull & cross bones sibling set
Pink skull & cross bones sibling set

Friday, July 06, 2012

Best Customers In The World!

Well this picture about sums up what a wonderfully relaxing family vacation we had at the beach!

Of course this wouldn't have been possible without the love and support from all of you (and some cooperation from Tropical Storm Debby!).  Thank you so much for being so understanding of our delayed shipment dates/times/convos etc. while we were away enjoying some greatly needed family time together! We got back this week and are working day and night to fulfill all your orders.

Thank you again for allowing us to kick back a bit and savor these magical moments with our family.  Our customers and friends of Zoey's Attic / Zoey's Personalized Gifts are absolutely the very best in the whole wide world!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Tweet, Tweet...School Is Neat, Neat!

Ready for me back to school Tshirt
Where has the summer gone? I ask myself this same question year after year as the Fourth of July approaches! Guess what we need to start thinking about after all the fun Independence Day festivities? You've got it...back to school! It is so entertaining to take the little ones shopping for school clothes. I love watching the unique individuality displayed in each of their likes and dislikes of school apparel. Zoey's Personalized Gifts/ Zoey's Attic offers some cool alternatives to the basic everyday school shirt. The t-shirts from Zoey's are completely customizable and there is plenty of time to order so you will have the perfect shirt for the first day of the new school year!
School rocks back to school Tshirt

Peace love back to school Tshirt

Personalized class of ringer Tshirt

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Summertime Vacation Announcement

Beginning Friday, June 22nd, we are packing up and heading south - this mama needs some sun and sand. This means, all orders placed up to and before 3pm CST Thursday June 21st will be shipped before I leave - so if you need something quick, be sure and get your order in by that time! If you placed your order after that date/time it will ship out the week of June 30th (just a teeny bit past our normal 3-5 business days). Sorry, no rush orders will be available the week of June 23 - 30th. If you aren't in a hurry, no worry, we'll take great care of your order when we return and we are super fly fast at getting them out!

Thanks so much for your understanding! Thanks so much for your business - we HEART you all so much!! :)
Also, now through our entire vacation - ends June 30th  :(
-  USE CODE VACAY for 10% off your total order from Zoey's Personalized Gifts
- no minimum order required!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Special Delivery

Christmas pregnancy announcement onesie
Oh how I love the Holidays, and I love surprises! So, are you looking for an adorable way to announce a special delivery arriving this Holiday season? Well, here it is! Just wrap up this precious "arriving Christmas 2012" onesie and let Grandma, Grandpa, Aunts, Uncles and your dearest friends know you have an early Christmas present for them. Great way also to let the older siblings know there will be another very special package under the Christmas tree this year! This adorable pregnancy announcement onesie can be customized however you'd like, too. Some really cute ideas include: "Our Christmas Present 2012" and "Look what Santa's bringing us!" Just imagine the surprise and excitement when they open this gift and find this so, so sweet little onesie!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Next Up?

Customized patriotic maternity Tshirt
Father's Day is one week away! So what holiday will be next up on the calendar? For our U.S. friends, it's Independence Day and it's always such a fun celebration! Families gather for swimming, barbeques, and fireworks after dark. But honestly, how much fun would it be to announce at the July 4th family gathering that a new little patriot is on the way? Or, maybe you just want a super-duper cute, super-duper adorable personalized holiday t-shirt for your little one for the day's festivities. Either way, Zoey's Attic/Zoey's Personalized Gifts has got you covered for this super-duper fun holiday!

All American girl or boy Tshirt
Firecracker pregnancy announcement Tshirt

Sunday, June 03, 2012

Fun Summer Tees

Customized big dude little dude set
Love, love, love the summertime! I especially love the comfort of a fun t-shirt paired with a cute pair of shorts and some stylish sandals on a super hot day! So, to make it easy to find the coolest custom tees anywhere, we've assembled a super collection of our best-selling t-shirts for summer from Zoey's Personalized Gifts! Here you will find the most adorable shirts for everyone in the household! There are lots of cute sibling sets and even sets for Dad and his little sidekick. Fun big brother and big sister t-shirts, too, along with the most amazing birthday shirts for brother and sister! And, if you can't find the absolute perfect t-shirt in our summer collection, you'll just have to have some more fun and shop around all our other pages of charming t-shirt designs from Zoey's Personalized Gifts!

Customized keep calm and drink Tshirt
Personalized beach bum Tshirt

Big brother all-star baseball Tshirt
Brother or sister frog sibling Tshirt set

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Great Gift Ideas For Dad!

I make adorable babies matching set
OK, I just can't help it... but, Zoey's Personalized Gifts has the cutest Dad/Kiddo t-shirts around! Talk about a fabulous Father's Day gift for Daddy, then you just have to check out these adorable matching sets! Dad will love wearing his t-shirt to the gym, running errands or even to the hospital when the new little one makes his or her appearance. These precious dad and child sets are completely customizable: change colors, add a name, anything you need! So if you already have a gift for Dad for Father's Day, no problem! It's a perfect gift for that special Daddy for a baby shower, birthday, Christmas, or just to say "I love you!" Just imagine the adorable photo ops with dad and his little pride and joy! 
Acorn doesn't fall far organic set
Rockstar dad child matching set
Big dude little dude matching set

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Celebrate Grandpa!

Personalized German Grandpa Tshirt
Personalized Italian Nonno Tshirt

During my travels over the years, I have noticed so much national pride in the citizens of the foreign countries I have visited. I have just returned from a trip to Ireland and once again her citizens were ever so excited to share the history and culture of this beautiful Emerald Isle. It is so refreshing to see the excitement and celebration of a national heritage. As the United States is a melting pot of so many cultures and familial backgrounds, it thrills me so see so many Americans cultivate and preserve their ancestral inheritance. With these thoughts in mind, wouldn't it be grand to recognize your grandfather's lineage with a special gift for Father's Day? All of these shirts can be customized for the country of your choosing as well as for Daddy too! Zoey is here to help so just let us know what you need!

Personalized Irish Papa Tshirt

Friday, May 04, 2012

Freedom Rings!

Memorial Day is May 28th. It is a day set aside to pay tribute to our military veterans, specifically the brave men and women who have died in the service of our nation. Many programs are planned each year across the United States to honor these courageous soldiers. In honor of my father, a World War II veteran, I have personally attended many such events in the past. I have always brought along my daughter to these memorial events as I believe it is so important to teach our younger generations about the sacrifices of our loyal men and women soldiers. I hope many of you will also make time on such an important day to remember those who have given the ultimate for our country. The remainder of the day is typically celebrated with parades, swimming, backyard barbeques and shopping! This special day also signifies the beginning of the summer season. The children are always so excited! Why not add to their excitement and dress them in an adorable patriotic t-shirt for the day's festivities? All shirts from Zoey's Attic can be customized and personalized, if desired, for a girl or a boy! Zoey's Personalized Gifts has just what you need!

Children's All American Patriotic Tshirt
Children's Patriotic Peace Sign Tshirt