Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Everyone's a Rockstar!

Rockstar Dad & Child Gift Set
Big sister someday rockstar raglan Tshirt

When I was younger (a lot younger!), I dreamed of being a rockstar! Well, maybe I really just wanted to be a diva! My friends and I would sing continually pretending to be stars. Why, we even had fake made-up girl bands! I, of course, wouldn't want to date myself so I won’t be sharing with you my all time favorite rockstar idols!  I'll bet that our Mom wannabe rockstars see the same passion in their children. It's fun to fantasize about being a rockstar, and who knows, some of our little ones may well someday be an American Idol. But for now, how about a simple t-shirt from Zoey's Personalized Gifts for the aspiring rockstars in the family?
Big sister rockstar personalized Tshirt
Big brother rockstar personalized Tshirt

Friday, July 13, 2012

Ahoy Mateys!

Gray skull & cross bones sibling set
I must admit that I have never understood the fascination with the skull and cross bones. I guess I've just never really been into the pirate scene. That being said, there sure are tons of people who love the skull and cross bones and we've had so many requests for custom design shirts for both boys and girls and even newborn babies! Ahoy mateys, here is the good news for all our punk and pirate lovers... we've just added some new skull and cross bone designs to our sibling set collection at Zoey's Personalized Gifts/Zoey's Attic. These fun matching sets can be customized for any big brother/big sister and little brother/little sister combination you would ever need! I just know you're going to love these new skull and cross bone sibling sets!

White skull & cross bones sibling set
Pink skull & cross bones sibling set

Friday, July 06, 2012

Best Customers In The World!

Well this picture about sums up what a wonderfully relaxing family vacation we had at the beach!

Of course this wouldn't have been possible without the love and support from all of you (and some cooperation from Tropical Storm Debby!).  Thank you so much for being so understanding of our delayed shipment dates/times/convos etc. while we were away enjoying some greatly needed family time together! We got back this week and are working day and night to fulfill all your orders.

Thank you again for allowing us to kick back a bit and savor these magical moments with our family.  Our customers and friends of Zoey's Attic / Zoey's Personalized Gifts are absolutely the very best in the whole wide world!