Thursday, October 08, 2009

Halloween Time AGAIN?!!

Help ZA fans! QUICK! I need some Halloween costume help for my kiddos. My just-turned 3 year old is very set on being "Ariel" aka a mermaid for Halloween. I could just go buy the canned costume, but I was looking for some fun ideas to make it a little more special and homemade then just the Disney out of the box Ariel. Any thoughts? All I have so far is a stuffed Flounder add on... original I know, so any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Also, my 1 year old is probably just going to get his big sister's lion costume of a few years back (too bad she wouldn't be Dorothy.. how cute would that be?!) but again, any suggestions/help would be awesome.

Tell me - what are you all doing for Halloween? What was your most favorite Halloween costume/idea?

Does anyone have any cute t-shirt ideas or slogans they'd like to see? If you submit one and I use it, I'll send you the shirt for free! Visit our Halloween Pregnancy Announcement section for inspiration!

Happy Halloween prep everyone and PLEASE send ideas STAT!!!