Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My Angel Dear

Angel Dear Dinosaur Lovie
Angel Dear Pink Giraffe Lovie
Angel Dear Monkey Curved Pillow

Angel Dear Pink Giraffe Pillow

Have you ever given or received an Angel Dear lovie blankie and pillow?  If so, I'm sure you will agree that Angel Dear is like heaven!  The Angel Dear blankies are 13" x 13" in size and are super soft!  There are several charming characters to choose from such as the Angel Dear giraffe lovie and the Angel Dear monkey blankie! And if your little sweetheart is a dinosaur lover, we have that too! You can also choose from several adorable matching Angel Dear curved pillows!  These Angel Dear blankies and pillows are snuggably soft and each can be embroidered to personalize the set!  There are several different fonts and thread colors to choose from for the embroidery too! The best news is the cashmere-soft Angel Dear blankies and curved pillows are machine washable!  These sweet sets will definitely soothe and delight your little one, and are also the perfect gift to welcome any new baby into your life! They're so soft and cuddly you may just want one for yourself !

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Loads Of Love My Sweet Pea

Sweet Pea Valentine's Day Tshirt
Loads of Fun Valentine's Day Tshirt
 Oh sweetpea, won't you, won't you be my Valentine? This special  day set aside each year to let your loved ones know how very much their love means to you is quickly approaching!   And, if you have some little ones you especially want to ask to be your Valentine ... well, why not say it with a super adorable Valentine's Day t-shirt?  I have some really cute designs, but if it's not just what you are looking for... no problem!  Here's the exciting news, you can choose just about any design and name combination on the site and I can custom create that one and only unique Valentine's Day t-shirt just for you!  Don't hesitate to ask as we are here to help you make this Valentine's Day your best ever!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Birthday Party Theme Ideas

Personalized Birthday Boy Football Tshirt
Do you have a special little man celebrating a birthday soon?  With Super Bowl only a few weeks away, why not have a football themed birthday party?  We have the perfect Tshirt that can be personalized with his name and age for the big event.  If football isn't his sport, and soccer is, well we have the shirt for that too! What about something special for the birthday boy's sister to wear to the party? She could lead the birthday cheers in this sweet cheerleader Tshirt!  The best part is that all the shirts are completely customizable with favorite team colors, wording, hair color, etc...whatever you want to make this birthday celebration one to remember!

Birthday Soccer Long Sleeve Raglan Tshirt
Personalized Football Cheerleader Tshirt

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Calling All Dog Lovers

Cookie's 19th Birthday
So here's the deal... I love dogs! One of my dogs, Cookie, turned 19 years old on Christmas Day 2011!  Now that's old for a doggie!  Although she doesn't get around like she used to she still enjoys our company and her nightly treat.  She also wears a diaper (vet approved, of course!) and a onesie to hold it in place.  She seems to be like some other senior women I know...the bladder can be a problem!  Anyway, besides personalizing the onesies for my sweetheart, I also have some fun Tshirts for my other doggies!  So here, I guess, is my question for you ... am I the only crazy dog lover dressing up the crew, or do you also dress up your doggies?  Would love to know! Oh, and Happy New Year too! 
Dog Big Sister to be Tshirt
Funny Christimas Dog Tshirt