Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Another Year Gone!

Do you remember when it was the end of 1999 and the year 2000 arrived? That was the Millennium year coupled with the Y2K problem! We fretted and worried about so many possible computer and digital related issues. Everyone was warned, businesses and personal computer users, to update our computer systems or we'd most likely lose all our programs and data! We were absolutely certain chaos would result when the clocks transitioned from 11:59 p.m. on December 31st, 1999 to 12:00 a.m. on January 1st, 2000! Guess what? Only  minor outages and disruptions were reported! Now, here we are 15 years later and online social networking has enveloped our spheres! So many technological advances have occurred since the year 2000 and continue to progress at an exceptionally swift pace! Social media rules the lives of many, especially our younger generations. It's difficult to fathom a world without Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, or Pinterest! But, that was my world when the Millenium arrived! The social networking platform known as Facebook was co-founded by Mark Zuckerberg and Eduardo Saverin and first launched in February 2004. It initially limited its membership to college students. However, in 2005 high school students were invited to join and by 2006 anyone age 13 or older with a valid email address could create a Facebook account. By late 2007, Facebook also included about 100,000 business pages that allowed companies to update potential customers on their products and services. Zoey's Attic has been an active Facebook member since joining in 2009. In 2012 Facebook purchased Instagram. It is an online social network photo and video sharing site with over 300 million active Instragram users, and the Facebook newsroom also reports as of this past September there were approximately 1.35 billion active monthly usersLinkedIn, founded in 2003, is another popular social networking site. It is billed as the world's largest professional network with approximately 300 million plus members. The demographic data indicates the majority of its members are from the United States and then followed by users in India, Brazil, the United Kingdom, and Canada. LinkedIn allows its members to create a profile and connect with other workers and potential employers through an online social network. Oh my, how technology has changed our lives! Can't wait to see what the next 15 years will bring! Oh.. and Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Current Shipping Update

As of today, December 23rd, we are no longer shipping with guaranteed delivery by Christmas as we are closing up the shop on express shipping. Thank you all so much for trusting us with your holiday shirts and gifts! Our very warmest wishes to you for a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Zoey's Attic!

Monday, December 22, 2014

Holiday Shipping Schedule Update

Here's the very latest on Zoey's Attic Holiday Shipping Schedule: U.S. customers WE ARE STILL SHIPPING IN TIME FOR HOLIDAY DELIVERY but you must add at least EXPRESS shipping at checkout to ensure your order arrives before Christmas. EXPRESS orders will ship Monday (December 22nd) with 1-2 day delivery guaranteed by the USPS. Enjoy the holidays and thank you ever so much for shopping with Zoey's Attic!

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Current Shipping Schedule Update

Here is our latest HOLIDAY ORDERING DEADLINE - If you order today (December 20th) you must add at least EXPRESS shipping at checkout to ensure your order arrives before Christmas. We are shipping all orders ASAP, but this is a very busy time for the post office as well and adding EXPRESS shipping will greatly increase your chances of receiving your order in time for Christmas (U.S. only). If you order and do not add EXPRESS shipping, we will assume you know your order might not arrive by Christmas Day. We are no longer shipping international orders in time for Christmas delivery. Thank you so much for shopping Zoey's Attic and Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Soon It'll Be A Wrap!

I've almost completed my Christmas shopping and it's time to start the wrapping! My list is always way too ambitious, and my husband says I buy for anyone and everyone I've ever met! It sure feels like it when I sit down to wrap! I have a crazy little method that works well for me. I use a different patterned paper for each of the kids, my husband, and for the individual families and friends we purchase gifts for at Christmas. So, for example, my brother's family may have a green paper with Santas and the presents for my best friend's family might then be wrapped in a red paper decorated with snowmen. I can then just look at a package and know who's family is to receive that particular gift. The wrapping begins after a long day and the kiddos are fast asleep all snuggled in their beds. I gather all my supplies in advance including several different papering options, ribbons in various holiday colors, scissors, several rolls of tape, name tags, and a red pen. This helps me to stay organized and focused on the duties at hand because I'm usually pretty worn out by this time of the night! I always wrap the presents at the dining room table with a hint of traditional Christmas movie playing softly in the background. I'm typically still at the paper wrapping station into the wee hours of the morning, and I never complete the task in one session so I can always plan on a few more very long nights finishing the job. At the end of the wrap I hide the packages in empty suitcases and boxes placed in the back of the basement... you know, where all the monsters hang out! Thus, no worries the little ones will be snooping around to see if Santa has already dropped off some presents for them!

Recently I saw a video on how to quickly and very easily wrap all those holiday packages. The video was from 93.7 FM and shared on Mama's Baby Cupcakes' Facebook page. I watched the video and was excited to try this new way to wrap my presents. Well, I tried it and wasn't very successful so I watched the tutorial again, and then yet again! I really don't know what my problem was but I sure couldn't wrap any present as fast and efficiently as they did on the video! I felt very inadequate at gift wrapping (sort of like how I feel when I try to dance!). Anyway, I wasn't expecting to fail GIFTWRAPPING101! I got so frustrated I went back to my own tried and true system of wrapping! If you have a few extra minutes please take a look at the YouTube video from Todd Tripp, and if anyone has any suggestions for future wrapping success using this method I would sure love to hear them!

Video courtesy of YouTube.com/Todd Tripp

Friday, December 12, 2014

Holiday Baking

Peppermint Bark
I finished the grocery shopping last evening and I'm ready for the annual Christmas cookie baking/candy making day! Mixing, baking, cookie decorating will begin in the early morning tomorrow and continue all day and into the evening! Of course, we'll start with the traditional chocolate chip cookies that are made and enjoyed year after year. I still use the Original Nestle Toll House Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe for this family favorite. It's the very same recipe my mom used when I was a little girl (oh so many years ago!). This classic and totally scrumptious cookie is perfect for the holidays, well perfect anytime, any day of the year! Next up will be the sugar cookie cut outs in festive holiday designs. I prefer the buttery cut out sugar cookie recipe from Food.com. The dough rolls out easily and I especially like the icing recipe for the cookies. While the sugar cookies are cooling we will make the powdered sugar snowballs. These mouth watering cookies are also called Russian Tea Cakes. I use Betty Crocker's recipe for these smooth and oh so delicious cookies. The recipe is so easy and the cookies are absolutely divine! They also look very festive with the other cookies and candies on the serving tray. After rolling the warm cookies twice in powdered sugar and the snowballs are placed on a rack to cool, it's now time to frost and decorate the sugar cookie cut outs. The sugar cookie shapes always include Christmas trees, candy canes, snowmen, Christmas stockings, and holiday bells. The kiddos love decorating these cookies and I love watching them! They are always so excited and of course always sneak a few cookie bites when I'm not looking! One of my favorite cookies is the Coconut Macaroon. The little ones don't like coconut and I have assured them that some day they will!  I really disliked these cookies when I was younger and my mom told me I would one day like and even crave them. Guess what? She was right again! So to this day I make a small batch of Macaroons because it just wouldn't be Christmas without them. Tasteofhome.com has a very simple recipe and they hardly take any time at all to make and bake. Thankfully no one in my family has a peanut allergy, so we also make a peanut butter cookie that is topped with a chocolate Hershey kiss. The recipe is from Hersheys.com, easy to make, and greatly enjoyed by all. Next we move on to the fudge! Yes, I'm a chocoholic and I freely admit it! I have always used the fudge recipe seen on the Eagle Brand sweetened condensed milk can. It's so simple and the fudge is always perfect! You can find this foolproof chocolate fudge recipe online at Allrecipes.com. Finally, after a long day in the kitchen it's time to make the Chocolate Peppermint Bark and Food.com has a very easy recipe.  In years past I have used a double boiler to melt the chocolate, but now I've gotten used to melting it in the microwave oven which is so easy and less time consuming! The finished product is the most delicious chocolate peppermint bark ever! It really does melt in your mouth! So tomorrow evening all the baking and candy making will be done. Do you bake for the holidays? If so, what are your favorite recipes?

Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Holiday Ordering Deadlines

It's Holiday Time and Zoey's Attic wants to be sure your special order arrives before the big day! So here is the latest on our shipping deadlines for Christmas: ► U.S. Christmas ordering deadline is as follows: orders must be placed by December 16th with regular shipping and ►INTERNATIONAL orders must be placed by December 5th for Christmas delivery. We will process and ship orders out as fast as we can in the order they are received, but adding an expedited method of shipping such as Priority or Express is always an option to ensure delivery in time! Many, many thanks for your patience during our very busy Holiday season!

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Cyber Monday Savings!

Zoey's Attic Personalized Gifts
Your Cyber Monday savings continue today and tomorrow at Zoey's Attic! Save 15% off your purchased items from Zoey's Attic Personalized Gifts! Just use coupon code CYBER2014 at checkout! Coupon code expires Monday, December 1st at 11:59 p.m. CST.  Be sure to check out all our personalized Holiday shirts, perfectly personalized one of a kind ornaments, custom pregnancy announcement cards, and other adorable gifts for Christmas! Happy Shopping!

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Black Friday Savings!

Best deal of the year from Zoey's Attic Personalized GiftsBlack Friday savings starts NOW! Save 20% off your purchased items today from Zoey's Attic! The coupon code to use at checkout is THANKS2014 and it will expire tonight, November 28th at 11:59 p.m. CST. Valid only at our Zoey's Attic Personalized Gifts online shop. Be sure to check out all our fun and unique personalized holiday shirts, custom pregnancy announcement cards, Christmas ornaments, and other adorable holiday gifts for everyone in the family and friends too! Happy Shopping!

Saturday, November 08, 2014

Happy Veterans Day!

My dad and my uncle are twins, 90 years young, and members of the Greatest Generation. When they were 18 years old and just out of high school they both enlisted in the United States Marine Corps. It was war time (WW II to be exact) and I can't even begin to imagine the range of emotions experienced by my grandparents. I can only think they must have been completely overwhelmed with sentiments ranging from fear to exuberant pride and everything in between. The twins left together on a train from St. Louis Union Station in December 1942 bound for the U.S. Marine Corps Depot in San Diego, California. They had hoped to stay together throughout their service, but due to the tragic deaths of the Sullivan brothers this was not to be. The five Sullivan Brothers were all assigned to the USS Juneau. The ship was met with a Japanese torpedo on November 13, 1942 during the Battle of Gaudalcanal. All five siblings perished during or shortly after its sinking. Following several instances of sibling loss, the Commanding Officers were instructed not to forward requests for brothers to serve in the same ship or station. So following boot camp my father was sent to Marine Corps Rifle Range Camp Matthews in LaJolla, California for infantry training, and my uncle went to Chicago for Marine airway training. From there my father sailed to the Pearl Harbor Naval District and on to the Central and South Pacific for duty at Midway Island. My uncle also traveled overseas, first to the Philippines and then to the theater in China. During the War the twins kept track of one another via victory mail, more commonly known as v-mail. This was a process where a letter was censored, copied to film, and then printed to paper after its arrival at the intended destination. This method of communication was used to expedite mail service for American armed forces serving overseas. In late 1945, my dad arrived safely at St. Louis Union Station. From there he was sent to Camp Lejeune, North Carolina where he was honorably discharged from the United States Marine Corps. Shortly after my uncle was also honorably discharged from service and also arrived safely home. On October 10th of this year the twins celebrated their 90th birthday, and of course, they wore their Marine Corps caps! This Tuesday, November 11th, is Veterans Day. It is a federal U.S. holiday established to honor men and women who have served in the United States Armed Forces. Also, in honor of all veterans, Zoey's Attic is offering 15% off on your items purchased this weekend from Zoey's Attic Personalized Gifts. Just use coupon code VET2014 at checkout for your discount. The coupon code will expire on November 11th at 11:59 p.m. CST. Many thanks to my dad, my uncle, and all veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces. Your service on behalf of our great country is deeply appreciated!

Friday, October 31, 2014

Next Up...Thanksgiving!

Baby's First Thanksgiving Bodysuit and Leg Warmer Sets

It's here! So excited that Halloween Day has finally arrived! It's going to be so cold tonight trick or treating, but oh so much fun! But, truth be told, I'm already thinking about the next big holiday! Yes, I do have a very, very favorite holiday and it's Thanksgiving Day! Each year in the U.S., the annual day of thanks is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November. This year it falls on November 27th. So why is Thanksgiving Day my favorite holiday? There are so many reasons, but first and foremost for me, it is the least stressful holiday of all! It's so simple...just decorate the house with some colorful autumn centerpieces and pumpkins, and then cook a delicious turkey dinner for family and friends! That's it! No worry about dyeing eggs and the annual Easter Egg Hunt, no worry about completing all the Christmas shopping and wrapping all the presents, no worry about getting the holiday cards addressed and mailed, no worry about baking the Christmas cookies and candies, no worries about everything else that goes along with celebrating the other major holidays! Turkey Day is the easiest and most relaxing holiday of all! The preparations begin the evening before when the sage turkey dressing is made along with a few side dishes that can be refrigerated and baked just prior to serving time. Thanksgiving Day is an early rise with basting and roasting the turkey beginning at daybreak.  I especially love the smell of the roasting turkey as I sip my coffee and watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade with my family. Everyone is still clad in their PJs and it's really a lazy and relaxing beginning to our day of thanks. Late morning the kiddos start to get ready for the much anticipated arrival of family and friends and they love wearing custom Thanksgiving shirts.  Zoey's Attic has sweet and funny Thanksgiving tshirts for everyone in the family including Thanksgiving maternity tops (thankful I don't need one this year!). If it's your baby's first Thanksgiving,  Zoey even has the most precious first Thanksgiving shirts and first Thanksgiving bodysuits with little leg warmers for your littlest turkey. The older kiddos love the personalized Turkey Day sibling sets too. Shopping Zoey's Attic for Thanksgiving shirts is so easy and everyone in the family feels extra special on this day of thanks. These adorable Thanksgiving shirts also make for the best photo ops ever! Giving thanks for another Halloween Day and looking forward to celebrating Thanksgiving Day!

Thanksgiving Shirts from Zoey's Attic

Thursday, October 23, 2014

A Little Treat From Zoey

Don't you love to see the smiles on the kiddos' faces when they receive a personalized gift with their very own name on it? It's pure joy to watch their excitement! Another exciting time for the kids is just around the corner. Yes, Halloween is next week! This holiday has always been a personal favorite since I was a little girl. Possibly because I'm a chocoholic and there's no better day for someone like me than Halloween! Can you imagine how extra special it would be to have a personalized Halloween trick or treat bag to match your costume? Well no problem, Zoey's Attic can make a custom Halloween trick or treat bag just for you! You'll need to order it by the end of tomorrow, though, so it can be on your doorstep in time for the big day! Oh, and here's a little Halloween present for you from Zoey's Attic... 15% off your Halloween trick or treat bags! Just choose your bag(s) at our Zoey's Attic Personalized Gifts online shop and use coupon code TREAT14 at checkout for your discount. Wishing all our friends a safe and Happy Halloween!

Personalized Halloween Trick or Treat Bags

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Football 24/7

Personalized Football Shirts and Gifts

Oh yes, it's football season! Having older brothers meant I spent a lot (really most!) of my childhood at sporting events, and football was definitely a fan favorite for the males in my home! At least in the olden days, before cable TV and all the specialized sports networks, we only had to watch football on the weekend and on Monday nights. Now it's football 24/7!  St. Louis was home to the football Cardinals of the National Football League from 1960-1987. The following year the Cardinals left St. Louis for a new home in Phoenix, Arizona.  After several years of trying to secure another NFL team for St. Louis, the fans were rewarded when the Los Angeles Rams made St. Louis their new home in 1996.  Success followed and our Rams under the leadership of quarterback Kurt Warner won the 1999 Super Bowl Championship! Since the Rams football team arrived in St. Louis the franchise has seen many coaches as well as owners come and go.  The lack of involvement by the current ownership has fans worried for the future of the Rams in St. Louis. But, guess what? We don't have to give all our allegiance to our professional team. There are many local and state high school and college teams to cheer on as well. Of course, we are Mizzou fans here in St. Louis, but many of us also follow other favorite teams such as the fighting Irish of Notre Dame, USC Trojans, and personal favorite Mississippi State Bulldogs! So when the family gathers to watch the many games of the week why not have the kiddos wear one of Zoey's Attic fan favorite personalized football shirts? These fun shirts and other fun football related gifts can be customized with your favorite team colors too! Now how special is that?

Personalized Football Shirts and Gifts

Sunday, October 05, 2014

Halloween Traditions

Do you celebrate Halloween?  If so, what are your traditions? When I was a young trick or treater we always had a party at school. We dressed in our costumes and the room mothers planned fun games and served special Halloween snacks. We even went home with a trick or treat bag full of goodies! After school Mom always made a big pot of chili for dinner and as soon as it was dark we headed out for a fun night of trick or treating. Dad always accompanied us, waiting patiently on the sidewalk, as we knocked at it seems every door in the neighborhood! Back then you had to tell a joke to receive a treat, so for weeks before the big day we practiced our trick so we could get a treat! Mom stayed home to answer the door and give out our treats to the multitude of trick or treaters canvassing our neighborhood. When our bags were full and we were worn out, we would gather around a bonfire with our neighbors and some family too.  We roasted hot dogs, made s'mores, and munched on our treats. Nowadays, times have changed and we don't have many trick or treaters knocking on our door.  Several area schools and churches host an annual Trunk or Treat event. Everyone meets on the parking lot and the children go from car to car to tell their joke and earn their treat.  Parents distribute the candy treats from the trunk of the car or flatbed of a pickup truck. Some towns organize a Halloween party at the local community center with haunted houses, games and snacks for their trick or treaters. And some families we know even spend a scary Halloween evening at Six Flags Fright Fest! What are your plans for Halloween 2014?

Halloween Fun!

Monday, September 29, 2014

Those Nine Months...

Zoey's Attic Infant Gowns

When I was a younger I detested the Fall! Summer vacation was over, school had started and it seemed the following nine months of the school year would never end! The funny thing, I think, is that those nine months were actually preparing me in a weird way emotionally and psychologically for a future nine months of pregnancy! When I think about it, those first few months of the new school year, while somewhat exciting, were actually pretty rough getting back into the routine of all day school and homework. A busy and very tiring time for sure and oddly paralleling that difficult first trimester. Then things settle a bit with lots of excitement and anticipation as the holidays approach. Seems a bit like a long winter's nap with energy finally ramping up again... oddly similar to that second trimester. Then Spring fever sets in and I would start to get antsy and couldn't wait until the school year was finally over. Ha! Just like that third trimester! So funny, I never thought to compare a kid's school year with a gestation period, but it really mirrors a similar path. And the one thing I truly loved at the end of the school year was the annual school picnic! New outfits were top priority for this super fun day! Funny again, the arrival of the baby after a seemingly never ending nine months culminates in the biggest event of all! Of course, a new homecoming gown is a must for the precious new little one! Zoey's Attic can help. Zoey's infant gowns and sibling sets with tiny bodysuits for the new arrival add such a special touch to this joyous occasion and are so perfect for memory making photo ops!

Zoey's Attic Sibling Sets

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Festive Holiday Drink Ideas Needed!

Red Wine Sangria Punch
photo courtesy of epicuria.free.fr
So I'm thinking ahead to Thanksgiving and I need your suggestions. I love hosting holidays in my home, and I especially love decorating the holiday table. I also try to use my "good" china, silver, and crystal whenever possible. I figure I didn't put it on my wedding registry just so I can look at it setting so pretty in the china cabinet, so why not use it! And, over the years I have collected many festive centerpieces and serving dishes which add so much to the holiday table decorum. The menus are basically the same year after year except for the varying (and sometimes experimental!) side dishes. Turkey is always served on Thanksgiving, filet mignon steaks and roast beef are the main entrees for Christmas, and Easter brings a variety of barbecued meats including chicken, ribs, and hamburgers for the kiddos. For the accompanying side dishes I like to make recipes that can be prepared in advance, refrigerated overnight, and then baked, microwaved, or tossed just prior to serving. This plan allows me extra time to visit with our guests. Additionally, another time saver is having an alcoholic punch for the adults and a non-alcoholic drink for the children (and adults too!) readily available for the guests. These drinks can be made in batches ahead of the big day and also allows for easy serving of drinks. Anyone can just help themselves when a refill is needed. I've served a red wine sangria punch for Christmas and a white wine sangria punch garnished with lemons, lime, and strawberries at Easter. The kiddos always request frozen non-alcoholic strawberry daiquiris which I keep in the freezer year round! I also make sure to have several cans of whipped cream available to top off the frozen daiquiri. And depending on the holiday, the kids also love when festive stirrers and straws are included with the drink.  The local Dollar Tree Store is a good source for holiday drink accessories.  I've even found adorable bunny glasses to serve the frozen drinks. They look so cute when topped with a mound of whipped cream!  So this year  I'm looking for a special alcoholic and also a non-alcoholic drink appropriate for the Thanksgiving holiday that can be made in advance and can easily be served. I did find a recipe for an apple cider punch that looks interesting and tasty, but would love your suggestions too. And, if you're also looking for a Fall themed shirt or bodysuit and leg warmer set for your little one for the Thanksgiving holiday, Zoey's Attic can help!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

We Remember

Tomorrow is September 11th. Of course this date has no significant meaning to the current post millennial generation, but to members of previous generations it is a day which will never be forgotten.  It is interesting how certain events in history are forever etched in one's mind as well as the psyche of the nation as a whole.  I know my own parents remember every personal detail of December 7, 1941, the attack on Pearl Harbor which led to the United States' entry into World War II. In the same manor I can recall each and every defining moment of November 22, 1963... the day President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, Texas.  To this very day I remember the exact moment I first heard our President had been shot, to praying with the entire school family gathered together in our Parish church, to exiting the school bus and walking the remaining distance in the cold rain to the safety of my own home and my mother's welcoming arms.  As a family we watched the continuing news reports on our black and white television. Quite unlike the 24/7 news coverage of the current day! I even remember being huddled around the TV set in our living room when Jack Ruby shot and killed Lee Harvey Oswald, the prime suspect in the murder of our President.  Our country again faced the assassination of the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. on April 8, 1968 in Memphis, Tennessee. Then once again on June 8th of the same year our Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy, brother of the late President, was killed in Los Angeles, California. Time stood still and the aformentioned tragedies are forever ingrained in my memory. As the years moved forward we then watched and read in the local newspapers and national publications the horrors of the Viet Nam War. However, there is not a single particular date relating to this conflict that stands out in my mind. And then so many years later, feeling carefree and enjoying life, it happened... the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001.  Many moments from that day are so deeply embedded in my mind, my heart, my soul... watching the Today Show from the comfort of my family room as the first and then second planes hit the World Trade Center Towers in New York City, then the moment of panic as I learned the Pentagon in Arlington County, Virginia had also been attacked, and finally the stunning revelation that Flight 93 carrying 40 brave passengers and crew had crashed in a field near Shanksville, Pennsylvania. Remembering the innocence of life lost due to the careless ways and misunderstandings of our fellow man. Seeking the day when all mankind will learn to live in peaceful coexistence.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Labor Day Savings!

Saint Louis Labor Day Parade
photo courtesy of bmwe.org./journal
Labor Day is a United States Federal Holiday celebrated each year on the first Monday of September. It was officially made a legal holiday by an act of Congress in 1894. Our Canadian friends also observe Labor Day on the 1st Monday in September. Many local communities host a parade in recognition of the contributions of the American worker, and then families get together for a picnic or barbeque to celebrate the end of summer and rapidly approaching Autumn season. Labor Day also typically signifies the end of wearing white shoes until Memorial Day rolls around at the end of May! :) It's also a weekend filled with lots of sales, steals and deals offered by many local and national retailers. And so to commemorate Labor Day, Zoey's Attic is also offering our Facebook friends and Twitter and Pinterest followers a coupon code for 15% off your purchased items from Zoeys' Attic Personalized GiftsThe code to use at checkout is LABOR15 and it will expire at 11:59 p.m. CST on Monday, September 1st. Get a head start on all your holiday shopping and be sure to check out all the fun and adorable designs for HalloweenThanksgivingHanukkah and Christmas! Happy Shopping!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Where Did the Summer Go?

August is proving to be a very busy month! When I was younger August was just a lazy end of summer month spent swimming and relaxing before the start of school. This year August has been filled with shopping trips to get the kiddos ready for the big day! New school clothing, new school shoes, the perfect backpack, and school supplies have all been crossed off the list. Grocery shopping for nutritious yet yummy items for a brown bag lunch has definitely been challenging. What I like to eat isn't necessarily what the kiddos like! The much anticipated and somewhat dreaded first day of school went well. The kids have adjusted quite easily to the new schedule and I actually think they like the daily routine of the school year. Now the evenings and weekends are filled with meetings, practice dates, and game times that are all a part of being a team member in the many extracurricular activities offered to the children. Dance school is also about to begin. Most of the dance academies in our area run concurrently with the school year. So sometime at the end of May or beginning of June the year culminates with the annual dance recital. After a break of a few summer months classes start again and it coincides with the beginning of the new school year. When I was a young girl I really only liked dance school because I loved the costumes we got to wear for the recitals! I loved my ballet and tap shoes, the leotards and tutus! But... I really didn't like dancing!  I never had any rhythm and always felt awkward! But every Saturday morning for years I packed my pink vinyl shoe bag with my tap and ballet shoes and headed off to class. Now days the girls carry their dance apparel and dancing shoes in adorable personalized canvas tote bags. So if you're looking for a special gift for your little ballerina, Zoey's Attic has such sweet dance bags and they even have tops to match! Your styling little dancer will be the envy of the dance school!

Dance Bags and Dance Shirts From Zoey's Attic

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

There's A First Time For Everything

Personalized First Holiday Shirts and Bodysuits from Zoey's Attic

When a baby is born it is the beginning of so many firsts...first smile, first tooth, first word, first step. This list of firsts goes on and on as we meander through life. Being a bystander to the excitement and wonderment of a child's first accomplishment is truly a parent's delight! And of course, there are so many other firsts throughout a person's lifetime such as the first birthday, first day of school, or first date to mention only a few. One of my favorite baby shower or new birth gifts is a collection of holiday shirts or bodysuits made especially for that special little someone. It's so much fun to dress a new baby in a personalized holiday outfit. Personally, I prefer giving clothing items as a new baby gift (rather than a baby shower gift) because you can better assess the sizing and need for long or short sleeves based on the baby's birth weight and time of year of his or her arrival. An assortment of personalized holiday apparel to include a first Valentine's Day, first Halloween, first Thanksgiving, or first Christmas makes the best gift ever! Zoey's Attic offers the most adorable holiday designs and each can be tweaked with your personal name, quote, colors, or really anything you would desire. And if you celebrate a lesser known holiday, Zoey can create a custom shirt or bodysuit for that too!

Personalized First Holiday Shirts and Bodysuits from Zoey's Attic

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Family Fun!

Apple Tree Tote Bag
It's almost time to get the kiddo's apple picking shirts ready for the big event! One of the most anticipated family outings of the year is the annual trek to a local orchard for apple picking. Luckily there are several outstanding orchards in the St. Louis area offering a variety of apples including Jonathans, Green and Red Delicious, and even Granny Smith! The orchards also have several fun activities for the family to enjoy during your visit. Some offer face painting for the kiddos, sack races, and a petting zoo too.  The entire family loves the hayride to and from the orchards as well. The apples are amazingly big and so very tasty! The perfect ending to the perfect day is making an apple pie! I always make a mess of the pie crust, and since it frustrates me terribly I now use an already made refrigerated pie crust. The Pillsbury "perfect apple pie" recipe is my favorite.  It's very easy and kid friendly too. Here are some other super ideas for the bushels of apples you bring home: Bring one to your teacher. He or she will love it! Get a special family tree tote bag and fill it with apples for Grandparent's Day.  The adorable apple family tree tote from Zoey's Attic can be specially made for grandma and/or grandpa and it can also be personalized with all the grandkids' names. And, you can even get a sweet apple birthday shirt and have an "Apple Of My Eye" themed birthday party with one of the games being apple bobbing! The children will love it!  What does your family do with all the apples after a fun day at the orchard?

Apple Themed Shirts from Zoey's Attic

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Oh No! It's Back To School!

Teacher Shirt
Geez... the first day of school comes earlier and earlier every year! When I was a kid we never went back to school until the beginning of September. The academic year ended the first week of June and began the day after Labor Day. I remember those Labor Day evenings when it was the tradition to scrub off the summer dirt. We had a full three months off for summer vacation, so by this time we were definitely ready to head back to the classroom (I'm sure my parents were ready too!).  I believe the difference in our schedule was that we never had a Fall or Spring break, but rather only two weeks off during the Christmas holidays. I liked it this way...work, work, work, then play, play, play! I guess too it really needed to be this way since we didn't have air conditioning in the schools (nor at home) back then. It would have been unbearable attending class in the oppressive summer heat in St. Louis.  Now days the schools in our area are air conditioned and the first day of school is earlier and earlier each year. Most of the neighboring school districts have a start date some time during the first two weeks of August. So the good news is you still have time to get a fun custom tee from Zoey's Attic for your school aged kiddo's first day of class!
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Saturday, July 12, 2014

New Birth Announcement Poster Prints!

I love giving (and receiving, in case anyone wants to know!) personalized gifts. I especially love a personalized welcome for a newborn. Also, in my gift-giving experience, it seems the new parents love to receive such thoughtful keepsakes to commemorate this most wondrous life changing event. I have previously given my friends and family personalized baby bodysuits for an only child or festive sibling sets for families with multiples.  One of my favorite gifts to send is the custom birth announcement throw pillow. It really is fun to select a design and colors that will coordinate with the new arrivals' nursery, making it such a very personal gift for a family member or a close friend. Zoey's Attic also offers a birth announcement canvas which can be made in a variety of sizes. And now they even have these amazing birth announcement designs with all the birth stats on a photo print ready for framing. You can choose sizes such as a mini 5 x 7 inch print or even a larger poster size 16 x 20 inch print.  And if needed, Zoey's Attic can make a special order custom size print for you.  You can also choose the design and custom color (over 60 color variations) the canvas or photo print poster to complement the room theme. The paper used for printing is Vibrance Photo Matte with excellent photographic print quality. It also has a bright white surface with a luxurious flat matte to showcase the beauty in the artwork. These unique and very special birth print posters are the perfect gift sure to be cherished for a lifetime.

Birth Announcement Print Posters

Friday, July 04, 2014

Shop Early & Save!

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Celebrate the Independence Day weekend with Zoey's Attic! In case you missed it on our Facebook page...  we LOVE all our friends and Zoey's Attic is offering a special Fourth of July coupon code this weekend just for you! Get 15% off your purchased items from Zoey's Attic Personalized Gifts! The code to use at checkout is FIREWORKS and it will expire at 11:59 p.m. CST on Sunday, July 6, 2014. Be sure to check out all our fun Back to School shirts! And why not get a head start on your Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas shopping too? Happy 4th and Happy Shopping!
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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Celebrate With A Bang!

4th of July T-shirts from Zoey's Attic

So last year I confessed that I don 't like the Fourth of July holiday. Now, please don't get me wrong... I love celebrating my awesome country and I love most of the festivities of the day, but I just don't like the fireworks. They.scare.me! So there, I said it..I'm afraid of fireworks! I am excited, though, that Independence Day falls on a Friday this year, and therefore we have an extended three day weekend! Friday will be all about family with generations of loved ones gathering for the annual summer barbeque. Saturday, my immediate family will cheer on the St. Louis Cardinals from The Budweiser Brew House Deck at the new Ballpark Village.  The Brew House Rooftop is an awesome venue for watching the baseball game and I'm so excited to share this special day with my family! I'm excited too for the stadium hot dogs and nachos, a MUST for any Cardinal home game! Sunday will definitely be a day for rest and recuperation! So if you happen to be making a special announcement this holiday weekend or just need a special tee for all the 4th of July activities, Zoey's Attic has got you covered!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Current Shipping Update

Happy Father's Day from Zoey's Attic! Here is our current shipping update: Unfortunately, we are no longer shipping new orders with a guarantee of delivery in time for Father's Day. Thank you so much for entrusting us with your special gifts for Dad and Grandpa! Very warm wishes for a very fun and very Happy Father's Day from Zoey's Attic!

Monday, June 09, 2014

Father's Day Shipping Schedule Update

We want to be sure you will have your gift for Dad (and Grandpa too!) in time for his special day! We are shipping all Father's Day orders as fast as we possibly can but the one thing we can't control is the speed of the post office and adding EXPRESS processing and shipping will greatly increase your chances of receiving your order with time to spare! Order by June 11th and simply select EXPRESS from the shipping speeds at checkout. For you gamblers out there: We will ship all regular and priority orders ASAP, but we will assume you are okay rolling the dice as to if these orders will arrive in time for Father's Day or not and they will not be guaranteed. And as always, many thanks for shopping with us!

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Monday, June 02, 2014

First Father's Day

I fondly remember my husband's First Father's Day. We spent the day at one of his favorite places to visit, the Missouri Botanical Garden. It was a delightful June day in St. Louis, not as oppressively warm as it usually is on Father's Day. While touring the flowering gardens, an elderly woman also enjoying the magnificent colors and fragrant scents of Shaw's Garden approached my husband and wished him a happy Father's Day. Then she also told him his daughter was more beautiful than any of the flowers in the garden. My husband, on this his very First Father's Day, beamed with pride! I was so thankful for the encounter with this woman (unknown to us) for adding to the joy of his special day. Her kind words have held a cherished place in our hearts ever since that very 1st Father's Day. So if you ever have an opportunity to make someone feel extra special...just do it! You'll never know the impact your kindness will have on someone, even a total stranger. And if you are still looking for that special gift for Dad or Grandpa, Zoey's Attic can help.

Missouri Botanical Garden

Saturday, May 24, 2014

We Remember...

What does Memorial Day mean to you? To many people (me included) it means the official beginning of summer, the Indy 500, opening day for the neighborhood pool, and permission to wear white shoes (taboo during all other seasons!). The weekend is filled with lots of family togetherness at parades, picnics, and barbecues. It's also fun to take advantage of all the Memorial Day sales at the local stores and online too.  The activities of this weekend in May each year are definitely highlights on the social calendar, but let's not forget the real meaning of the day. Memorial Day is observed each year on the last Monday in May. It is in fact a U.S. federal holiday established to pay tribute to our military veterans, specifically the courageous men and women of the United States Armed Forces who have died while in the service of our country. In addition, many families also take the opportunity on this special weekend to remember dear family members whom no longer have a physical presence in their lives. So to continue the tradition set by my parents (and their parents before), we made our commemorative Memorial Day cemetery rounds today.  We usually visit the deceased military members of our family interred at the Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery on the the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend. This is the day when the area Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts, and Venturers gather to place an American flag on all 189,000 plus graves.  It is a sight to behold! This year we have a possible threat of bad weather on Sunday causing us to decide to pay our respects earlier today. So in the midst of all the fun activities this weekend offers, please set aside a few minutes to remember and give thanks for those whom have died while serving our Nation to preserve our principles and freedoms. We at Zoey's Attic remember and wish all our friends a safe and enjoyable holiday.

Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery