Friday, March 29, 2013


So you're expecting a new addition to the family and you're busy getting everything together in anticipation of the big event. Family and friends have been told the exciting news and a sweet Pecking Order Birdie sibling set for three has been ordered for biggest brother and big sister along with an adorable matching onesie for the new baby.  The shirts are delivered and everyone is happy.  Then a visit to the doctor and bingo... the family can now expect not one newborn... but two!  Now that's a surprise!  So mom, who has everything under control, makes plans for one more.  She even has the presence of mind to figure out she needs a new sibling set with four birdies.  Now this is an amazing mom who really has it all together!  Not so sure, in fact completely sure, I would not have thought a minute about the sibling set for the kiddos after hearing this shocking news!  So mom contacts Zoey's Attic to discuss another sibling set with the fabulous idea of using the shirts for a special announcement photo shoot.  Mom orders a set of two shirts and two newborn onesies.. a blue shirt and birdie for biggest brother, a pink shirt and birdie for big sister and two white onesies with yellow birdies for Baby #3 and Baby #4.  The photo shoot is a success. The shirts may be sweet, but the models are just so, so cute!  Family and friends now know twin girls will be joining this special family. Congratulations Dad, Mom, Biggest Brother, and Big Sister!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Hunt!

My First Easter Onesie
In less than three weeks it will be Easter. I'm so excited for the
traditional family egg hunt that always takes place following church services on Easter Sunday. It seems to rain every other Easter, so this year it should be a sunny day! The Easter Egg Hunt is so much fun whether it takes place in the yard or in the house due to inclement weather conditions. And, I love to mix the beautifully decorated 'real' hard boiled eggs with plastic artificial eggs filled with Easter treats for the kiddos and (and old!) alike! The day is topped off with a delicious family meal. Most families I know serve ham, but not this family. No matter what the weather is on Easter, we always have a family barbeque! It's not only Easter Sunday, but also the start of the Spring barbeque season for us.  Ribs, chicken, and hamburgers are on the menu along with Grandma's potato salad (best ever!) and corn on the cob. I'm salivating now just thinking about it!  So have lots of fun on Easter, and if you should need a custom shirt for the hunt or maybe for a special family announcement, Zoey's Attic can help.

Personalized Easter Shirts

Monday, March 04, 2013

Vrooom! Let's Race!

Big Brother Race Car Raglan Shirt

Race Car Pillowcase
Hello auto racing fans! The NASCAR and IndyCar seasons have begun!  Last week was Nascar's signature event, The Daytona 500, also know as "The Great American Race."  Lots more great races are coming up on the NASCAR Sprint Cup schedule at speedways in Phoenix, AZ, Las Vegas, NV, and Bristol, TN.  Then the big event at Talladega Superspeedway is set for Sunday, May 5th.  On the IndyCar circuit, the ultimate race is of course the Indianapolis 500.  It is held every year on the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend. This year's race takes place on Sunday, May 26th.  Interestingly, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway is the largest spectator sporting facility in the world and has more than 250,000 permanent seats!  Wow, it's hard to imagine that many people in one place at one time!  So maybe you're a race car fan, or maybe just a fan of the Disney Pixar movie, Cars!  Either way, you will be sure to love Zoey's Attic fun race car design t-shirts! Why not personalize a custom designed tee for your racing fanatic's next birthday celebration? Or maybe you are expecting another race car lover and want a fun way to announce the exciting news. We've got just the shirt for you! Also, if you have a racing themed room for your little car fan, Zoey's also has a race car pillowcase design that's a perfect addition to the room's decor. You can even have the race car custom made on a toddler pillow for your little racing fan to take along to the babysitter's or a night at Grandma and Grandpa's home.

Race Car Birthday Shirts