Friday, July 30, 2010

Back To School Fun

Back To School Tshirt
School starts earlier and earlier every year!  When I was a kid we had a full three months off for summer vacation!  We had so much fun riding our bikes, swimming, and playing at the park.  We were busy everyday and had a blast!   It sure is different now!  The children are playing baseball on a computer instead of outside on the ball field!  One thing that is still the same, though, is that the kids miss their school pals and most children are actually excited when the school year begins.  So let's start off another year with a customized shirt to let everyone know who we are and we're happy to be back!  Making a statement with our 'back by popular demand' tshirt is perfect for the first day of classes!  You can even personalize it with  your child's name.  The teachers will love it!