Sunday, May 27, 2012

Great Gift Ideas For Dad!

I make adorable babies matching set
OK, I just can't help it... but, Zoey's Personalized Gifts has the cutest Dad/Kiddo t-shirts around! Talk about a fabulous Father's Day gift for Daddy, then you just have to check out these adorable matching sets! Dad will love wearing his t-shirt to the gym, running errands or even to the hospital when the new little one makes his or her appearance. These precious dad and child sets are completely customizable: change colors, add a name, anything you need! So if you already have a gift for Dad for Father's Day, no problem! It's a perfect gift for that special Daddy for a baby shower, birthday, Christmas, or just to say "I love you!" Just imagine the adorable photo ops with dad and his little pride and joy! 
Acorn doesn't fall far organic set
Rockstar dad child matching set
Big dude little dude matching set

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Celebrate Grandpa!

Personalized German Grandpa Tshirt
Personalized Italian Nonno Tshirt

During my travels over the years, I have noticed so much national pride in the citizens of the foreign countries I have visited. I have just returned from a trip to Ireland and once again her citizens were ever so excited to share the history and culture of this beautiful Emerald Isle. It is so refreshing to see the excitement and celebration of a national heritage. As the United States is a melting pot of so many cultures and familial backgrounds, it thrills me so see so many Americans cultivate and preserve their ancestral inheritance. With these thoughts in mind, wouldn't it be grand to recognize your grandfather's lineage with a special gift for Father's Day? All of these shirts can be customized for the country of your choosing as well as for Daddy too! Zoey is here to help so just let us know what you need!

Personalized Irish Papa Tshirt

Friday, May 04, 2012

Freedom Rings!

Memorial Day is May 28th. It is a day set aside to pay tribute to our military veterans, specifically the brave men and women who have died in the service of our nation. Many programs are planned each year across the United States to honor these courageous soldiers. In honor of my father, a World War II veteran, I have personally attended many such events in the past. I have always brought along my daughter to these memorial events as I believe it is so important to teach our younger generations about the sacrifices of our loyal men and women soldiers. I hope many of you will also make time on such an important day to remember those who have given the ultimate for our country. The remainder of the day is typically celebrated with parades, swimming, backyard barbeques and shopping! This special day also signifies the beginning of the summer season. The children are always so excited! Why not add to their excitement and dress them in an adorable patriotic t-shirt for the day's festivities? All shirts from Zoey's Attic can be customized and personalized, if desired, for a girl or a boy! Zoey's Personalized Gifts has just what you need!

Children's All American Patriotic Tshirt
Children's Patriotic Peace Sign Tshirt