Saturday, June 27, 2015

July 4th Shipping Update

June was a very busy month! With two destination weddings, two in town weddings, Father's Day, and several family birthdays I almost forgot about the Fourth of July! By golly, it's next week already! Good news though, if you need a special 4th of July tee there is still time for Zoey's Attic to process and deliver your shirts for the fun day of celebration! Best news, if you order your July 4th shirts by Sunday, June 28th, we will ship them with a FREE priority processing upgrade in time for Independence Day! Whatever your shirt needs are for the Fourth festivities, Zoey's Attic has you covered for this super fun holiday!

Fourth of July Shirts from Zoey's Attic

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Like Mother / Like Daughter Shirt Set Review

Many thanks to our guest blogger, Becky Lyons Borgia, for her review of our Like Mother / Like Daughter Shirt Set. Becky blogs about her family's journey of unschooling, peaceful parenting, and living an all natural, green, gluten free & organic (as much as possible) lifestyle. You can visit Becky on her Facebook personal blog Growing Up Naturally Together and on Twitter @BeckyatGUNT.
I have been in love with Zoey's Attic for a couple of years now. They have much more than just t-shirts, although they do have shirts for literally every occasion! The people who work there are simply fantastic. Great, fast communication about every order! 

Several months ago, it came to my attention that they had a new Mother/Daughter t-shirt set. I instantly knew that I just had to have it! It is so cute. So I asked if I could review it. 

My 4.5 year old daughter and I have worn this set together at least four separate times now. The first time we wore it, we got several comments about how adorable of a saying we had on our shirts! I always answered with, "Thanks, I agree!". 

Typically, when we have ordered shirts from Zoey's Attic previously, we have always gotten the organic shirts for my daughter. Because the adult sizes aren't available in the organic and I wanted us to match, we had the grey shirts used instead. The blue and black inks look nice on the grey shirts! 

The only issue I have had with these has been my shirt. The length is perfect, the width across my chest is great, too, however, the sleeves are a bit awkward. The lower half of the sleeve is shorter than the upper half. Therefore, the sleeve gets kind of snagged sometimes and gets stuck halfway up my arm which is just weird. So I give it a little tug to pull it back down.

I have washed these shirts at least four times and every time they have come out of the dryer perfectly. They haven't shrunk at all. The inks still look great. The shirts don't look faded or anything. 

Overall, we are mostly pleased with this set! 

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Confronting Acrophobia

I have been very fortunate this summer to attend weddings in both Florida and Colorado! From the depth of the ocean to the mountain tops, what could be any better? Although the scenery and the adventures have been awesome, I do have a few true confessions! When in Florida, I love the beach and the swimming pool too. Long ago I became certified in scuba diving.  I was convinced I wanted to experience the life under the sea. And then when I did, I quickly said never mind! It is fascinating, of course, with brilliantly colored species of sea life and the coral reefs are magnificent. Then one day I decided I really didn't want to know if "Jaws" was anywhere near me. I'd rather not know in advance if something dreadful was about to happen. So I let my diving certification expire and now I only wade into the rolling and sometimes aggressive ocean waters. In view of the many recent shark attacks this summer I am happy with this decision.

Gulf of Mexico
Captiva Island, Florida

Now on to Colorado! This is a whole 'nother game for me! I have some real phobias that cause me to panic. One is snakes! I can't even look at a picture of a snake without fear overtaking my psyche! And another major anxiety producing phobia I have had my entire life is acrophobia. This is defined as an extreme or irrational fear of heights.  When at an altitude above my normal grounded self I feel a sense of imbalance and become consumed with a fear of falling. To drive along the roads of the mountainous terrain of Colorado is extremely difficult for me.

Drive from Denver to Winter Park, Colorado

The wedding we attended in Colorado was at the YMCA of the Rockies - Snow Mountain Ranch, about 15 miles northwest of Winter Park Ski Resort. We flew into Denver via Southwest Airlines, rented a car, and then drove a little over 2 hours to our destination. It has been years since I last visited Colorado. At that time, I vowed never to return as I spent that entire trip hyperventilating! However, I convinced myself I had to be at Sara and Pete's wedding and everything would be okay. So here I was on my way to Snow Mountain Ranch! Although the magnificent snow capped mountain peaks, enormous pine trees, beautiful native plants and flowers, and the impressive wildlife are all exceptional, it just didn't work for me. Absolutely gorgeous scenery to gaze upon (when my eyes were open!), but actually rather terrifying as we twisted and turned on the mountainous roads. Once again, my anxiety was heightening with the ever increasing altitude!
The wedding ceremony took place atop Columbine Point and the backdrop of the snow covered Rocky Mountains was indeed glorious! However, to compensate for my fear, I had to completely focus my eyes upon the gorgeous bride and her handsome groom. I realize, regretfully, since there is so much to see and do in Colorado I really should have worked on overcoming my fear of heights long before our trip.

Columbine Point - Snow Mountain Ranch

Now that we are safely home at just about 465 feet above sea level, I belatedly decided to search online for methods to cope with my acrophobia. Too bad I didn't do this BEFORE our trip to Colorado! has an instructional video discussion highlighting 7 steps for managing a fear of height. Some suggested tips include breathing exercises to calm yourself and finding distractions by means of mental exercises or music.

An article by Mark Tyrrell published on his website suggests confronting your fear one step at a time. He recommends setting small challenges for yourself. In addition, the free audio contains more specific directions for preparing your mind to feel calm and relaxed before attempting to go to a higher elevation.

And finally, has an online tutorial on "How to Overcome a Fear of Heights." In conjunction with providing insightful information on acrophobia, it also recommends removing caffeine from your diet. WikiHow suggests that cutting down on your caffeine intake can make you feel more relaxed which will make it easier to confront your fear of height. It also suggests that if the methods discussed for overcoming your fear of heights are not resulting in a positive solution you may want or need to consider seeking help from a professional therapist.

Whatever your fears, the best of luck overcoming them!

Saturday, June 06, 2015

Father's Day Shipping Schedule

We want to be sure you have your gifts for Dad and Grandpa in time for their special day! We are processing and shipping all Father's Day shirts and gifts as fast as we possibly can, but the one thing we can't control is the speed of the U.S. Postal Service. So to avoid additional upgraded shipping costs, June 13th will be the last day for our U.S. customers to order with BASIC shipping. Unfortunately, the international shipping deadline for Father's Day has already passed. After June 13th, you will need to select PRIORITY or EXPRESS processing and shipping at checkout to receive your order in time for your Father's Day celebration on Sunday, June 21st. For you gamblers out there, we will ship all regular orders with BASIC shipping ASAP, but for orders after June 13th without a shipping upgrade, we will assume you are okay rolling the dice as to whether or not your special gifts will arrive in time for Father's Day, and they will not be guaranteed. As always though, many thanks for shopping with us! We are so grateful you chose to place your trust in Zoey's Attic for your custom shirts and unique gifts for your dads, grandpas, and papas! Happy Dad's Day!

Father's Day Shirts and Gifts
from Zoey's Attic

Monday, June 01, 2015

Beach Vacation With Kids

We're heading to a wedding, in Florida, on the beach! So many details and so many things to pack that I think I may need to check extra bags for the trip. I have selected everyone's outfits for the actual wedding and they're ready to pack. The beach towels and swimsuits are already in the suitcases, but now I'm trying to think of everything else we will need for a week at the beach with kiddos. It's times like this I wish we were driving instead of traveling the friendly skies! Since we're flying I can't take along all the things I normally would stuff into every nook and cranny space I can find in the car. Since space is limited I've consulted several favorite blogs and websites on my quest for the very best suggestions on what to take for a stay at the beach with little ones. has lots of fabulous suggestions including to remember to pack a big beach bag for hauling towels, toys, sunscreen and lotions to the beach. A super plan is to have smaller beach bags or backpacks for the kids. I love this idea! She suggests a small beach bag or drawstring bag easy for the little ones to carry. Kid floaties and beach toys can be packed in these smaller bags. In the larger beach bag be sure to include lots of waterproof sunscreen and be sure you re-apply it often. Sunburns are no fun!

Remember to pack your beach bag and beach towel. has a detailed beach vacation packing checklist you can print and reminds us to be sure to wear flip flops or other sea shoes when spending the day at the beach. The sand gets very hot and can really burn the soles of your feet, especially the soft bottoms of your little one's feet. And if you are at a shelly beach, they can actually make small cuts on your feet. Also remember to wear sunglasses and a sun hat for additional protection from the sun's intense rays.

Remember to pack beach shoes.

There are lots of great suggestions on what to pack for the pool or beach at If you have babies or toddlers that aren't potty trained yet be sure to remember to pack swim diapers. In addition, you will need to bring along water wings, floaties, and a life vest. Minitime also has a detailed printable packing list which I have found to be very useful!

Remember the water wings and floats. offers some super ideas in their "ultimate" beach packing list. They suggest bringing your kiddos bath toys. They are washable and typically on the small side, and therefore would be easy to pack. Another grand suggestion is to let the little ones use your plastic coffee cup and spoon to dig in the sand (of course after you've savored the very last drop!). But please be sure not to leave any trash on the beach when you pack up for the day. 

Thank goodness I checked for their tips on traveling with kids. I'm so obsessed with what to pack for a day at the beach I almost forgot about keeping the little ones happy on the plane! The list includes an iPod or iPad, books, snacks, and be sure to bring a change of clothes for the little ones in your carry on luggage just in case you need it!

Remember to bring lots of water and your iPad.

A simple internet search will lead you to a multitude of awesome sites with lists of what to pack for any type of vacation you have planned. Just pick and choose those items that you think will work for you! Oh, and have a great vacation!