Monday, September 19, 2016

Stay Warm Winter Sport Moms!

When I was a young girl I spent nearly every Saturday, Sunday and some evenings too in (and sometimes under!) the grandstands at my brothers' football and soccer games. I have three older brothers and a Dad whom also was an assistant football coach as well as the head soccer coach at my brothers' high schools. So my mom, younger sister, and I were at every game to cheer them on! I have so many great memories of those past times and I wouldn't trade them for anything.... except maybe some warmer weather! I preferred the indoor sports such as basketball and volleyball. I also loved being outdoors in the Springtime for the baseball games and track and field meets. Bottom line is that I don't like to be cold! I can remember actually crying at some of the football and soccer matches and wondering if my tears would freeze. No matter how low the temperature or how high the snow we didn't miss a game! We were my brothers' number one cheerleaders and I look back on those days with great fondness! 

If I had the chance for a do-over of past football and soccer experiences, I would have loved to have worn a hooded sweatshirt not only for the warmth but because I also love the personalized nature of the designs by Zoey's Attic Personalized Gifts! These are the most awesome hoodies and so perfect for wearing to any sporting event. The sweatshirts can be customized too for whatever sport you need. And they don't just have to say "soccer mom" or "football mom" but can be personalized for brothers, sisters, grandmas, grandpas, or anyone wanting to cheer on a favorite player or team. It's so easy! You just add your custom team colors and wording to the special instructions area when ordering and Zoey personalizes the hoodie for you just the way you want it. There is even a comfy and totally warm fleece blanket for the soccer mom or dad. This blanket can also be customized for any other sport you desire. 

There weren't high school or club hockey teams (only college and professional clubs) back in the old days. However, if there would have been I'm sure my brothers would have played, and I'm also sure I would have wanted a warm hoodie for inside the ice rinks. I love hockey and I love following our St. Louis Blues! Did you know they are celebrating their 50th season? I also freeze when I attend a Blue's hockey game so a custom hooded sweatshirt would be perfect for me! Hint, hint... makes a super awesome Christmas gift!

And when the warm weather finally arrives after the dreadfully cold and snowy winter, Zoey's Attic also has totally cool shirts for the Spring sports too!