Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Turtle T-shirts are ALL the rage these days!

Okay, so there may not be a HUGE demand for turtle t-shirts, but one little 18 month old girl (you guessed it - my little 18 month old) loves them! So much so that she is always saying "tur-tle" and pointing them out. You really would be shocked how easy it is to find turtles in everyday life! Who would think she could find one in Trader Joe's? But, she did and then the rest of the shopping trip it was "tur-tle, tur-tle, tur-tle" promptly followed by some screaming when her mean mom (that would be me) wouldn't buy the wine bottle with the turtle on it!

So, in honor of my little budding herpetologist, I came up with a line of animal t-shirts. Now your little turtle fan or whatever animal fan can wear his or her favorite animal. Currently, I only have about 3 designs, but I'm taking requests and would love to hear what your son or daughter's favorite animal obsession was or is. Leave me a comment and let me know!

Here's a preview of the turtle and monkey t-shirt designs with more to follow!

You can find more funny baby and animal t-shirts here. Don't forget to tell me your little one's favorite animal in the comments!