Friday, September 25, 2015

My Addiction

Don't get excited, it's not what you think. But I do have a confession to make and here it is... I am a chocoholic, cake-aholic, ice cream-aholic, candy-aholic. There, I've admitted my weaknesses! I have an addiction to all things sweet! I'd rather have a cupcake and coffee for breakfast than cereal and orange juice. I'd prefer a bowl (or two!) of chocolate ice cream for lunch rather than a salad. I'd love nothing more than a scrumptious Milky Way candy bar and bowl of M&Ms for dinner instead of steak, potato, and vegetable. Since I have now acknowledged my penchant for sweets, I suppose I'll share with you my all-time favorites list:

1.) Favorite all-time candy is Snickers Candy Bar.

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2.) Favorite Ice Cream is Edy's Original Rocky Road.

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3.) Favorite cake is Betty Crocker Devil's Food with chocolate icing.

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4.) Favorite Cookie is Nestle Toll House Chocolate Chip Cookie.

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Well, there you have it! Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate! So now you might have figured out that Halloween is one of my most very favorite days of the year! Just think, all that candy and it's even free! Halloween evening will come and go and as usual I will stuff myself with candy. I've never been able to stop after just one or two pieces.... voila, I'm addicted!

Halloween is next month and before I am overcome with a sugar high I need to focus on our costumes! Zoey's Attic can help with adorable shirts and bodysuits for baby's first Halloween. They also have the cutest trick or treat bags with designs to match your costume and some glow in the dark too! There are even candy bags with your joke printed on them so you can look at the bag if you forget the punchline! Now that's clever! Can't wait for candy day! Happy Halloween!

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