Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Custom Valentine's Day Shirts & Gifts

Valentine's Day Shirts
When I was a young school girl and in the primary grades, our room mothers hosted holiday parties to celebrate Halloween, Christmas, and Valentine's Day. And if our St. Louis Cardinals Baseball team made it to the playoffs or World Series we had game watch parties at school to cheer on our hometown baseball club. The school I attended required the students to wear uniforms. Mine was a green and black plaid jumper with a white pointed collared shirt, either short or long sleeve. The boys wore black belted navy blue pants and also a white pointed collared shirt. The uniform shirt was made of 100% cotton which required ironing before it could be worn in public. So Sunday evenings were set aside for ironing all the shirts that would be needed for the family for the entire week ahead. My mom (and me too!) were so thankful when the cotton blend permanent press shirts made the scene in the local department stores. So luckily for me now that I'm all grown up I rarely have to iron anything! I do, of course, own an ironing board and deluxe steam iron, but they sure get a lot less use than the ones we had when I was a little girl!
On our holiday party days at school we were given an out-of-uniform day. This meant we could wear a special outfit of our choosing. I remember as a child making our party shirts at the kitchen table the weekend before a scheduled holiday party. Mom bought basic white t-shirts and fabric paints and helped us make our very own special creation to wear for the festivities. Hmmm... maybe this was actually the beginning of Zoey's Attic! And yes, now Zoey can help you with adorably designed shirts and bodysuits for your kiddos. At Zoey's Attic you'll find everything from Valentine pregnancy announcement shirts to first Valentine's Day bodysuits and leg warmer sets for your infant. There are even new funny designs that have been recently added to our Valentine's Day collection. The "Single And Loving It" and "Most Eligible Bachelor" shirts are so perfect for your little man's Valentine's Day. The "Kisses 25¢" tee is another cute choice for your little lady. Zoey has even created a sweet conversation candy heart belly print maternity top for Mom to wear this Valentine's Day. And if mom is newly pregnant and not showing yet, the shirt can also be made in a non-maternity style and used for a fun pregnancy announcement! What a sweet surprise! Be sure to order your custom Valentine shirt by February 5th for delivery in plenty of time for all your Valentine's Day activities.

Zoey's Attic Personalized Valentine's Day Shirts and Gifts

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