Monday, January 12, 2015

Super Bowl Fun!

Cajun Chicken Pasta
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Super Bowl XLIX is less than three weeks away! I have no idea which teams will be competing for the championship, but I do know for sure that the St. Louis Rams won't be playing on February 1st at University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona! However, I do know there will be many parties and festive celebrations that day! In the past, I have either hosted or attended an annual Super Bowl Sunday Bash, well since I can't even remember when! Typically, as a Super Bowl party host I prefer to select a food theme characteristic of the city of the team I have chosen as my favorite to win the game. So for example, when the NFC Champion New Orleans Saints were my pick against the Indianapolis Colts in Super Bowl XLIV we chose to feature a variety of traditional Cajun foods of New Orleans. Hot Cajun Crab Dip is the perfect appetizer to serve before the main event and you will find a delicious recipe courtesy of Paula Deen and It's served hot with toast or crackers and is simply divine! I especially like Emeril Lagasse's recipe for Cajun Jambalaya. He is one of my favorite chefs and I was so disappointed when the Food Network dropped his cooking show! I miss his signature catchphrase BAM!, but the good news is you can still find his recipes online at His Cajun Jamabalya is one you'd definitely want to include on your menu for a New Orleans Cajun themed dinner party. Cajun Chicken Pasta is also a fan favorite. has a fairly easy recipe and it's very tasty too! When our St. Louis Rams played for the the Super Bowl Championship about a million years ago we served foods that are well know to midwesterners such as barbecue beef steaks, pork steaks, and hamburgers for the kiddos. Toasted ravioli is unique to the St. Louis area so it was the feature appetizer of the day. St. Louis is also known for its mouth watering Gooey Butter Cake making for an awesome celebratory dessert! The Green Bay Packers may actually be a Super Bowl contender this year and it would be so much fun to repeat the menu from Super Bowl Sunday 2011. The Packers defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers that day at Cowboys AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas. Being a cheesehead fan made for an easy menu! A variety of savory cheese dips were served for the appetizers and, of course, bratwurst were barbecued and smothered in cheese for the main entree. There's a super website called Packers Everywhere that shares a multitude of Packer fan recipes. It has everything from Brat Bruschetta to a "Green" Bay Veggie tray and so much more! Now we're just sitting on the sidelines waiting to see which teams will be battling for the Super Bowl Championship on February 1st. As of today there are four possible contenders. This weekend the New England Patriots will play the Indianapolis Colts for the American Football Conference Championship and the Green Bay Packers will play the defending Super Bowl Champion Seattle Seahawks for the National Football Conference Championship. Next week when we know the Super Bowl XLIX teams we will pick our favorite and begin planning the menu. I would love for you to stop by and let me know your favorite team and your favorite recipes for Super Bowl Sunday 2015!

Veggie Tray and Brat Bruschetta
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