Monday, June 02, 2014

First Father's Day

I fondly remember my husband's First Father's Day. We spent the day at one of his favorite places to visit, the Missouri Botanical Garden. It was a delightful June day in St. Louis, not as oppressively warm as it usually is on Father's Day. While touring the flowering gardens, an elderly woman also enjoying the magnificent colors and fragrant scents of Shaw's Garden approached my husband and wished him a happy Father's Day. Then she also told him his daughter was more beautiful than any of the flowers in the garden. My husband, on this his very First Father's Day, beamed with pride! I was so thankful for the encounter with this woman (unknown to us) for adding to the joy of his special day. Her kind words have held a cherished place in our hearts ever since that very 1st Father's Day. So if you ever have an opportunity to make someone feel extra special...just do it! You'll never know the impact your kindness will have on someone, even a total stranger. And if you are still looking for that special gift for Dad or Grandpa, Zoey's Attic can help.

Missouri Botanical Garden

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