Monday, June 03, 2013

June Is For Dads!

Dad/Kiddo Matching Gift Sets

In less than two weeks it will be the day set aside to celebrate our June honorees... our Dads! I have been so blessed with exemplary male role models whom have supported and loved me through all of my life's trials and tribulations. It is a sad fact that not every child knows the love of a nurturing father, and it is my sincere hope that these children have found someone to fulfill this crucial role for them. Personally, I have only the greatest admiration for the men who surround me and so greatly enrich my life. When I see my brothers and my husband interact with the children, I know they have learned from the precious grandfathers, my own loving father, and my dearly loved father-in-law. They are each in their own unique way a bright and shining example of fatherhood par excellence, and their protective love is deeply felt by all who know them. So, on Father's Day why not surprise the special men in your life with a special gift he will forever cherish. Zoey's Attic can help.

Custom T-shirts for Dads, Grandpas, and Uncles


T.Z. said...

Love your shirts! Hope I get to order another "Big Brother to be" shirt for my little guy. His older brother wore one when I was expecting him, and we're trying for another!

By the way, I have the "I Make Adorable Babies" shirt - and I LOVE it! :)

Zoey said...

Hi T.Z.

So great to hear from you! Hope all has been well! Thanks for your sweet message, and thanks too for checking out our blog! :)