Monday, June 17, 2013

True Confessions....

Custom Fourth of July T-shirts from Zoey's Attic

True confession here... the Fourth of July isn't my favorite holiday.  As a kid, it meant summer vacation was on the downward slide and I didn't like that scenario at all!  And another true confession... I'm afraid of fireworks! Pyrotechnics really scare me and I'm sorry to have passed this fear on to my daughter as well. I don't like the loud booming noises and I certainly have never enjoyed sparklers. Sadly, someone gets a sparkler burn every year at our family get together. However, I do like watching our community's spectacular firework extravaganza. It is always very professionally done and very pretty with lots of oohs and aahs!  Also, in addition to my independence and great pride in this awesome country I call home, I love the gathering of family and friends for the annual Independence Day barbeque. How exciting would it be to announce to all your loved ones that a precious new baby will be at the celebration next year?  Even better, let one of the kiddos wear an "explosive secret" tee and sit back and enjoy all the fun watching everyone figure out what the shirt says!  Zoey's Attic has super cute personalized tees for this very special day!

Explosive secret front and back design tee

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