Monday, August 20, 2007

National Grandparent's Day - September 9th

I've always loved Grandparent's day. I think it's such a great idea - of course we have mother's and father's day, but grandparent's day is a great way to pay tribute to our grandmas, grandpas, nanas, papas, or whatever name you call those special people who looked after you, played with you, baked brownies or tossed footballs - your grandparents!

Did you know?

Grandparent's day is always the Sunday after Labor Day. So, this year, Grandparent's day falls on September 9th, 2007.

This year grandparent's day has double meaning for me as it is not only a day in which I can celebrate my grandparents, but now my parent's are grandparents and I can use this day as a way to reflect on how much they've helped me out this past year as I got used to becoming a parent myself. I can give them a present (from babygirl of course) and show them just how much I appreciate the babysitting hours, food preparation and just general support they've given me and the babygirl over their first year as grandparents.

I found an interesting website on grandparent's day:

National Grandparent's Day Website - This gives a little background information on why the day was created. Actually, it wasn't until the mid-70's when a housewife named Marian McQuade decided to push for the creation of grandparent's day. Her main purpose was to help lonely elderly in nursing homes and help young children to gain a better appreciation for the wisdom and heritage provided by their grandparents.

Have any fun ideas about what to do for your grandparents or your parents from your kids? Let us know about them. If we use your idea, we'll send you a free t-shirt (perfect for giving as a gift for grandparents day!) :)

Here are some things I thought might be cute to give as gifts to the special grandma and grandpa in your life. Also, if you're looking for a good time to announce a pregnancy, this grandparent's day might just be perfect! Imagine surprising the grandma or grandpa to be with a present from his or her future grandson or granddaughter!

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