Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Bun in the Oven T-shirt and Pregnancy Announcement Idea

When I was pregnant with my first baby (the same one that is about to turn 1 in two weeks!) I was trying to find a funny, cute way to tell my husband that we would be expecting a baby. Even before we decided to have a baby or even talked about getting pregnant, we used to always joke about "bun in the oven"... not sure why, but we did.

When it came time to announce my pregnancy to him, I did so by placing an actual hot dog bun in the oven and then printed out a sign that said "Tim, open me". After walking in and out of the kitchen numerous times again and again without noticing the sign and with me about to DIE of nervousness/excitement, etc. I couldn't take it anymore and marched right in there and pointed to the sign. It took a second but he opened the oven to find the bun and a card I had put in there and just said slightly dumbfounded, "no... no... really?"... don't get me wrong he was thrilled, just overly shocked and emotional. It was such a fun memory for us, I bought (before I had this site and store) a t-shirt that said just very plain "bun in the oven" - it took forever to find it and I couldn't find one I liked, so since starting this store I have of course made a few for purchase. I think they are just funny cute t-shirts, but also make for great surprise pregnancy announcements for first time parents and repeat offenders alike.

Here's my newest bun in the oven design for t-shirts and gifts: click here to see them all.

Anybody else use something like this? If so, how did you tell the exciting bun news?

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