Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Let's Go Fly A Kite...NOT!

More wintery weather is on the we won't be flying a kite anytime soon! The good news is we are expecting snow this time rather than ice, so that means we'll be able to go outside and play in the fluffy white snow. We've previously discussed fun indoor activities for those icy days and now here are 5 suggestions for outside fun on those cold snowy days:

1.) The #1 snow day activity on any wintertime list of course would be building a snowman. In fact, our family likes to build a snowman (or snowlady) for each member of the family. The kiddos then get to accessorize their very own snowkid with their own scarves, hats, mittens, sweaters, or whatever they choose. We like to be creative when adding the snowperson's eyes, nose, and mouth. Some ideas include using buttons, rocks, or pinecones for the eyes. Of course a carrot is the traditional snowman nose, but we've also used a charcoal briquette, a cookie, and even a sugar ice cream cone for a nose. A stick of licorice (red or black, whatever you have available) works nicely for the snowman's mouth. Also a line of raisins or gummy bears curved in a smiling arc make a super sweet mouth too. You can even choose to add sunglasses or a pipe for a different look for the snowman's face. Twigs or small limbs from a nearby tree or a broom stick are used for the snowman's arms. Be sure to take a selfie of the snowman you've created of yourself! What are some of the items you would use to decorate your snowman?

2.) Sleigh riding on a favorite hill is a must! We have a steep hill in our neighborhood where just about everyone meets for a day of sledding or tubing, and it's so much fun. However, the St. Louis tradition since I was a little girl is for families to meet at Art Hill. The Palace of Fine Arts was built for the 1904 World's Fair Exposition in St. Louis' Forest Park and is the current home of the Saint Louis Art Museum. Art Hill is the large hill located in front of the Art Museum. Warm bonfires glow and provide warmth for the cold hands and feet of the sledders. At the bottom of the hill is the Grand Basin with its elegantly flowing water fountains. Art Hill is beautiful any season of the year and a site filled with fond memories for many St. Louis families. The experience of sleigh riding on Art Hill is definitely a highlight for any youngster or adult alike. Do you have a special location for sledding near you?

St. Louis Art Hill
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3.) In our neighborhood the kiddos play tag all summer long! And in the winter it's a special treat to make tracks in the snow and play snow tag. On a bed of freshly fallen snow you create a special inner circle which is the "free" zone in the game of tag. From the central zone tracks are made in a spoke like fashion creating a circular wheel pattern. Once the tracks have been made the person who is "it" stands in the "free" zone and counts to 10. The other players then disburse along the tracks and after the counting has reached 10, the "it"person then begins pursuing the other players in the hopes of tagging someone whom will then become "it." And then the game starts again with the new "it" counting in the central "free" zone.  If a player runs out of the tracks he or she automatically becomes "it." It's a fun game played until everyone is exhausted, and then it's time for hot chocolate!

Snow Tag
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4.) Almost every child has at one time or another created a snow angel. It's the easiest (and may be the coldest!) snow activity ever! Just lay on the ground and swing your arms up and down and your legs from side to side in a jumping jack motion. Be careful getting up so as not to disturb the freshly made snow angel design.

Snow Angel
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5.) Lastly, another fun activity on those snowy days is to make snow ice cream. Be sure to put out a clean bowl or pot on the patio or in the yard at the beginning of the snowfall to catch a clean batch of freshly fallen snow. There is an easy recipe from which adds milk, vanilla extract, and white sugar to the fresh and clean snow to make a yummy snow ice cream. Variations include using chocolate milk or sprinkling in dry koolaid mix to create other flavors such as lime or orange snow ice cream. It really is a lot of fun to make with the kids!

Snow Ice Cream
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Lots of schools will be called off in the days ahead so please take some time to make special memories playing in the snow with the kiddos! You won't regret it!

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