Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Easy Valentine Card Holders

The Valentine's Day parties at school are always so much fun! When I was a little girl our teacher set aside one art class the week of Valentine's Day to make our Valentine card holders. During our classroom Valentine's Day party we would receive special "Be My Valentine" cards from our teacher as well as all of our classmates and a decorated holder was the perfect place to keep them. Some years, the art teacher would have the class decorate a plain white bakery bag with finger paints, stickers, and hearts cut out of red and pink construction paper. Sometimes we even jazzed it up with glitter! PreK-Pages has a cute idea for a decorative owl themed paper bag Valentine holder using a heart shaped doilie and construction paper.

Owl Paper Bag Valentine Card Holder
Courtesy of PreK-Pages

One year we were instructed to bring a shoe box to make into our card holder. Our art teacher helped each student cut a slit in the lid through which we could stuff our Valentine's Day cards. We then wrapped both the box and its lid in white freezer paper and then decorated them with both foam and felt hearts, stickers, and magic marking pens. Domestically Devon has easy instructions on her blog for making a Valentine storage box.

Valentine Storage Box
Courtesy of Domestically Devon uses a cereal box instead of a shoe box and the results are so cute!

Cereal Box Valentine Holder
Courtesy of Plaid Creative Ideas Made Easy

Yet another year our art teacher had us use paper plates to make our Valentine's Day card holders.  We used the basic white plates and decorated them with paints, markers, crayons, stickers, and construction paper hearts. The girls in the class also glued lace around the borders of the plate. has directions for several Valentine's crafts including a super sweet paper plate card holder.

Paper Plate Valentine Card Holder
Courtesy of

I've never used a round container to make a Valentine's Day Mailbox, but All Kids Network has easy instructions for a round mailbox using a Quaker Oats container. You can link here for easy directions at
I'm so happy this Valentine's Day tradition of making a Valentine card holder is still in place at the kiddos' school! Happy Valentine's Day from Zoey's Attic!

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