Tuesday, March 18, 2014

I Like Big Trucks

I Like Big Trucks Tshirt
When I was a teenager (seems like a lifetime ago!) I would on occasion babysit for my cousin's son, John. When he was a young tyke he loved trucks above all else! I think his first words weren't momma or dadda, but rather truck! When I would watch him all he wanted to do was look out the window and wait for the trucks to pass by.  Luckily it was a busy street so there was never a worry that trucks of all shapes and sizes would be there to entertain him.  He was so excited to see the large semi trucks, the stop and go trash truck, and the clippity-cloppity dump truck. For hours, it seemed, he would repeat the same word..."truck, truck, truck!" How I wish back in the day it would have been possible to have had a personalized shirt made with John's beloved trucks on it. Can you imagine how excited he would have been to have the adorable "I Like Big Trucks" t-shirt from Zoey's Attic?  I doubt we would have ever gotten it off of him! We would definitely have needed several "truck" shirts! If you know a truck lover then you need to check out Zoey's Attic! Here you will find fun shirts for a truck themed birthday as well as for a special big brother to be announcement. Zoey's has many truck and construction designs to choose from and if you need something special they can custom make it for you.  By the way, John is all grown up now and a Managing Director of a well known law firm in Kansas City.  It's quite ironic that his law practice involves representing truck companies!

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