Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Fun Maternity Tees

Back in the olden days when I was having babies the maternity styles were..well let's just say they weren't very stylish! You either wore your baby daddy's big boxy tee or the typical tent shaped maternity top. The maternity shirts were mostly made of cotton and plaid was very popular! The top was made to hide the enlarging baby bump as well as the elastic waist band on the  maternity pants.  A casual work wardrobe was a no-no in those days so we also had to purchase or make our own maternity dresses. The outline for the dress was also the flared tent pattern.  A newer drop waist style was also a possibility. The long torso portion of the dress bloused over the baby bump with an elastic band situated just beneath the pregnant belly. My contemporaries would never have guessed it would one day become fashionable to wear figure flattering maternity apparel! What I would have given to have worn such fun and comfy maternity tees as the ones designed by Zoey's Attic!  It's also the norm nowadays to make a special pregnancy announcement wearing one of these adorable t-shirts! And what is this gender reveal all about? Heaven knows not too many years ago we had no idea the baby's sex until  he or she arrived!  The current fad gender reveal parties are lots of fun and I especially love the funny mustache maternity shirt letting everyone know "It's A Boy!"  While I'd love to walk around, lounge or sleep in one of these new maternity shirts, I think NOT for me! I'll just be content for now watching everyone else enjoy the wonders of pregnancy!

Zoey's Attic Maternity Shirts

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