Thursday, November 07, 2013


Thanksgiving Sibling Sets
What comes to mind when you hear the word "turkey"?  Well, for starters it's a large bird related to the chicken, but to millions of people in the United States it immediately brings thoughts of the Thanksgiving feast.  Of course, Turkey is also a country in Western Asia / Southeastern Europe.  There are several other connotations of note as well.  The term "turkey" can refer to a foolish person and it also can define a failure as in a theatrical play or movie.  It even has a meaning in the world of sports.  For example, when a bowler has three consecutive strikes it is known as a "turkey."  Then we have "cold turkey" which refers to an immediate and complete withdrawal from an addiction such as cigarette smoking, alcohol, or even drugs.  For me, I prefer to think about the delicious roasted turkey we serve each and every year on Thanksgiving Day!  I'm so happy the Native American Wampanoag tribe introduced the turkey to the early Pilgrim settlers!  So whatever your connection may be with "turkey" Zoey's Attic has colorful and fun turkey designs making for the perfect Thanksgiving shirts for everyone in the family.

Personalized Thanksgiving Shirts from Zoey's Attic

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