Sunday, July 07, 2013

Back To School Fun!

I attended a private school when I was younger and we always wore a uniform... green plaid jumper with white collared blouse in elementary school, and a gray and gold skirt, white collared blouse, and gray blazer with school emblem during my high school years. My neighborhood friends attended the local public school. They didn't have to wear a uniform, and I was so jealous of them! My big shopping adventure during those years was not for new school clothes, but rather, it was for a special matching short and top set for our annual school picnic at the close of each school year. In those days we didn't return to school from summer vacation until after the Labor Day holiday in early September. So my "street" friends shopped at a nearby mall or local discount store like a K-Mart in early August for "back to school" clothes. Back then (in the olden days as the kiddos refer to them... makes you feel really ancient!) we never had an inkling that one day our "back to school" shopping would be done online! Gee, we didn't even know what the internet was nor did anyone even own a computer! My how times have changed! Now you can do all your "back to school" shopping in the comfort and privacy of your own home!  Be sure to check out Zoey's Attic's collection of "back to school" tees. Any shirt can be customized with the actual class year and also personalized with your child's name if desired. I love the designs at Zoey's Attic and I know you will love them too!

Zoey's Attic Back To School Tees

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