Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Run, Run Mommy and Daddy!

Personalized run mommy run t-shirt
Personalized run daddy run t-shirt

Fall is the perfect time of year for a Marathon run! The cooler temps make it a little bit more tolerable for sure! The Marathon schedule for September and October has some exciting events all over North America! Here is a totally incomplete listing of some events you may want to consider: Tupelo Marathon in Tupelo, MS on 9-2;  Cape Breton Fiddlers Run Marathon on 9-9 in Sydney, NS, Canada; Autumn Color Run in Buena Vista, CO on 9-15; Flagstaff Marathon in Flagstaff, AZ on 9-22; Thunder Bay Marathon, Thunder Bay, ON, Canada on 9-23; Bank of America Chicago Marathon on 10-7; Nike Women's Marathon on 10-14 in San Francisco, CA; Detroit Free Press/TalmerBank Marathon and the Rock 'n Roll St. Louis Marathon both on 10-21; and finally the Marine Corps Marathon in Washington, DC on 10-28. To find an event in your area be sure to check out the About.com race calendar. Now that you're signed up for the big race you will need to get your cheerleaders ready for the big event! You'll be energized every time you see your kiddos cheering you along the route in their "run mommy/daddy run" or "our mommy/daddy's running.. try and keep up!" tees. These fun personalized t-shirts can also be customized for colors and wording to fit your team name or really anything you need! Good luck to all our running friends in your races this Fall!
Mommy or Daddy running T-shirt front
Try & keep up T-shirt back


Laura Jacobson said...

Oh these are so adorable! My sister and her hubby actually have a run in the morning...this would be so perfect! Love them!

Zoey said...

Hi Laura! Thanks for checking out our blog! So happy you like these fun designs! They are pretty adorable!:)

Stephanie H. said...

I love the Run Daddy Run shirt my brother has a ritual of chasing his daughter around the house after he comes home from work

Zoey said...

Oh how funny Stephanie! The "Run Daddy Run" shirt would be perfect for your niece! Thanks for stopping by the blog!:)