Saturday, June 05, 2010

It's Daddy's Turn!

Well Daddy, it's your turn to relax and celebrate the day that honors you!  Can you believe it's June already and Father's Day will be here before you can blink an eye! Dear Dad, just like I mentioned in my Mother's Day entry, it will truly be a special moment when you hear 'daddy' for the very first time!  It is a magical word that makes everything right with the world!  Now it's mommy's turn to make Father's Day 2010 a day to remember!  How about thanking Dad with a Rockstar Dad Tshirt or a personalized Tshirt with the names of your children on it?  Why, make it an even  more special day by saying thanks to Grandpa with a new Tshirt just for him! I'm sure Daddy and Grandpa will love their special gifts!

Personalized Grandpa Tshirt

Rockstar Dad Tshirt

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