Monday, April 11, 2016

Personalized Graduation Tees & Gifts!

When I was a young school girl there was no internet. I had absolutely no knowledge of computers and certainly had no idea of how this advancement in technology would impact everyday life in the future! It's really difficult for me to imagine my life now without being "connected" via the internet! Our kiddos surely live in a vastly different world than I did when I was a youngster. We actually shopped in a real brick and mortar store as there was no online shopping in those days! Our parents took us to the local discount store, either Spartans (long since closed) or K-Mart for our play clothes. Famous Barr, which is now a Macy's, and Stix, Baer and Fuller (currently a Dillard's) were the nearby department stores. We only shopped at these stores for special occasions! This is where we went to purchase our outfits for family weddings, Christmas, or Easter. Then of course every August we went into the city to visit Wilhelms, a specialty shop which carried our school uniforms. We did have a few out-of-uniform days during the school year and if you wanted to wear personalized clothing you had to have your mom or grandma make them for you. I was certainly very fortunate that my Aunt Mary Jane was an excellent seamstress. She could make anything! When I graduated from the 8th grade she made me two beautiful A-line dresses. One was a sleeveless blue paisley patterned dress to wear to summer events, the other a short sleeved tan corduroy dress with an orange and rust flowered pattern to wear to the upcoming Fall dances. I couldn't have been any happier with this special gift my Aunt made just for me!

So in the "olden days" we didn't have anything personalized with our name unless mom made it, and that meant a trip to the local fabric shop to purchase iron-on patches. After carefully placing the selected decals and letters of our name on the shirt Mom would affix them with a very hot iron. Unfortunately, the personalization would peel off the shirt after its first washing. Embroidery was another method of personalizing our clothing, but you had to know someone who could embroider! Back then it was done by hand and not by a machine.

Oh, and there were no preschools when I was a little girl so there was never a need for a preschool graduation outfit. However, the last day of kindergarten (1/2 day only) was dress up day! How special it would have been to wear a custom created shirt acknowledging a successful completion to my first year of formal education! I would have been so ahead of the times... a real fashionista! With the technology available today it is totally possible to personalize a shirt to wear on your last day of the school year or at your graduation ceremony! The designers at Zoey's Attic Personalized Gifts can create the perfect shirt with everything competely customizable including school grade, year, school name, student name, even skin tone and hair color if applicable. The shirts are digitally printed with the fibers of the garment actually being dyed with eco-friendly water based inks. This means no crackies or peeling like the iron-ons of my past! Personalized shirts from Zoey's Attic will make a fabulous keepsake for years to come! And be sure to check out Zoey's awesome school shirts and thank gifts for teachers too!

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