Friday, August 21, 2015

Grandparents Are Special

While I truly believe the best job in the world is being a mom, I must confess being a Grandparent must truly be awesome! I can't really imagine how anything could be better than being called Mommy, but I think being called "Grandma" or "Nana" or "Mimi" would be pretty special too! All the joy (and sometimes tears) watching the little ones grow up.. the excitement of each milestone from birth, kindergarten, grade and high school graduations, college, weddings, and new babies and then one day we magically become the Grandparent. When I look at my own Grandparents I am so grateful for their love and the knowledge and guidance they have imparted on myself, my siblings, and my cousins. I hope to someday have the same impact on my own grandchildren. There was great comfort in always knowing someone special would be there for me when my parents weren't able to be there due to work schedules, or illness, or whatever the circumstance may have been at the time. I have always known my Grandparents loved me as deeply as my own parents. So whenever I finally do become Grandma, I hope my children will rely on me to fill in the gaps when needed. So when mommy and daddy can't get away from work, please call on me to pick up the kiddos from day care, or school, or even scouts or ball practice. And when the little ones are wanting a special gift for birthday or the holidays and you can't seem to find it, let me know and I'll find it for you. And when the children are sick, please ask me to care for them while you are working or even just running your errands. I want to be the Grandparents who are at the grandkids' school play hours in advance just to get the best seat in the house!

National Grandparents Day began in the United States in 1978, and this year it will be celebrated on Sunday, September 13th.Three of my Grandparents had already passed, and  even though back then we didn't have an official day to celebrate Grandparents, I hope they always felt mine and my siblings' love and appreciation. My Grandparents' homes were filled with happiness and laughter, and there are so many special memories I have that will always be a part of me. Be sure to let your Grandparents know this year the special place they hold in your heart. Zoey's Attic can help with a personalized and totally unique Grandparent's Day gift designed just for your very own dear Grandma and Grandpa.

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