Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Like Mother / Like Daughter Shirt Set Review

Many thanks to our guest blogger, Becky Lyons Borgia, for her review of our Like Mother / Like Daughter Shirt Set. Becky blogs about her family's journey of unschooling, peaceful parenting, and living an all natural, green, gluten free & organic (as much as possible) lifestyle. You can visit Becky on her Facebook personal blog Growing Up Naturally Together and on Twitter @BeckyatGUNT.
I have been in love with Zoey's Attic for a couple of years now. They have much more than just t-shirts, although they do have shirts for literally every occasion! The people who work there are simply fantastic. Great, fast communication about every order! 

Several months ago, it came to my attention that they had a new Mother/Daughter t-shirt set. I instantly knew that I just had to have it! It is so cute. So I asked if I could review it. 

My 4.5 year old daughter and I have worn this set together at least four separate times now. The first time we wore it, we got several comments about how adorable of a saying we had on our shirts! I always answered with, "Thanks, I agree!". 

Typically, when we have ordered shirts from Zoey's Attic previously, we have always gotten the organic shirts for my daughter. Because the adult sizes aren't available in the organic and I wanted us to match, we had the grey shirts used instead. The blue and black inks look nice on the grey shirts! 

The only issue I have had with these has been my shirt. The length is perfect, the width across my chest is great, too, however, the sleeves are a bit awkward. The lower half of the sleeve is shorter than the upper half. Therefore, the sleeve gets kind of snagged sometimes and gets stuck halfway up my arm which is just weird. So I give it a little tug to pull it back down.

I have washed these shirts at least four times and every time they have come out of the dryer perfectly. They haven't shrunk at all. The inks still look great. The shirts don't look faded or anything. 

Overall, we are mostly pleased with this set! 

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Thanks so much for letting me be a guest blogger!