Thursday, April 16, 2015

Bling It On!

It's amazing how our littlest angels' personalities, likes and dislikes, develop at such a tender young age. I never imagined my little girl wouldn't love all things sparkly. She never wanted to wear flashy jewelry and certainly nothing glittery on her clothes that might bring attention to her. Honestly, I couldn't understand it! I mean, really now, what girl doesn't like to glitter and shine? Then one day much to my surprise, it happened and she was all about the bling! I was thrilled! So if you know someone who loves all the flashy girly glitter, check out Zoey's Attic collection of the trendiest glittery shirt styles for little girls, big girls, moms, and moms-to-be!

How fun would it be to host a gender reveal party and the mom-to-be fashionably arrives wearing a maternity tee featuring an adorable glittery jeweled crown belly print revealing a sweet little princess will soon be the newest member of her royal family. And if mom isn't far enough along to require a maternity style top,  no problem she can have the shirt made in a non-maternity style. The sparkly glitter is actually a vinyl glitter, is machine washable, and not messy at all! And if the mom-to-be isn't revealing the gender but wants to make a surprise pregnancy announcement, then the adorable "pot of gold" maternity shirt fits the bill. Perfect for the Irish mom or Irish wanna be mommy, and it's especially fun to share your good news, if possible, wearing this top around St. Patrick's Day. Or, if you already have a little girl, why not let her spill the beans wearing one of our "big sis" sparkly shirt designs.

Glitter Collection from Zoey's Attic

And you will want your little princess to shine at her first birthday party! The unique sparkly birthday tees with four leaf clover or heart design are perfect for any age. So if your little lady isn't quite yet into the bling scene, just wait... she will be one day and the glittery birthday t-shirt designs can be custom made for her 2nd, 3rd, 4th, or any birthday at all. Another option for the older girls and young women is the glittery monogrammed shirt. I'm all about the personalization so this design is definitely a favorite!

Glittery Collection from Zoey's Attic

Guess what? When your little Miss is about ready to become a Mrs. our sister site, You're Worth It, will be there to supply all the bling she will need for her engagement and bachelorette party! There are fun tops for the bride like the "final fling before the ring" in tank, crew, or v-neck styles. There are even sparkly mason jar mugs and koozies that make super gifts for the bridal party! And of course, sparkly "bride" shirts to wear while getting ready on her wedding day.

You're Worth It Bridal

Mother's Day is almost here and so to all my family...Bling It On!

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