Saturday, March 28, 2015

Harmless April Fools Pranks

April 1st is also known as April Fools Day. It's the day set side each year where people all across the world play practical jokes and pranks on unsuspecting April Fools. Silly and unexpected things just might occur! I don't know about you, but I love April Fools Day! It's coming this Wednesday and I've got some ideas for pranks to play on your little ones that will surely have them laughing! Just a reminder though that successful April Fools Day pranking means all jokes are meant to be fun! Never be mean or ill-spirited.  Also, a prank should never cause physical harm, hurt feelings, or property damage. Be sure to carefully think it through and if there is a chance someone could get hurt...change your plans! The Cardinal Rule is Do No Harm! The prank should always end with your intended victim laughing!

Now are you ready for some suggestions for April Fools Day jokes to play on your kiddos?

#1 Cover the sensor on the TV remote control with a piece of clear tape. Then watch as your child tries over and over again to turn on the TV.

#2 Sprinkle a little salt on your children's toothbrushes the night before and then have a good laugh when you watch them brush their teeth in the morning! Totally safe and harmless fun!

#3 Add a baggy full of dog bones to your little one's school lunch bag. This is one of my favorites and always gets a laugh from the other kids seated at the table.

#4 In keeping with the lunch theme, include a fake critter such as a plastic mouse or spider in your child's lunch bag. You can purchase a variety of plastic bugs or animals at your local Dollar General or Dollar Tree stores.

#5 suggests adding food coloring to your carton of milk. Watch the surprise reaction when you pour the dyed milk on your little one's breakfast cereal or serve a glass with a snack after school! Too funny! 

Blue Milk April Fools Day Prank
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#6  Put a large fake spider beneath the toilet seat. You will hear definitely hear a loud scream followed by laughter when your kiddo lifts the seat in the morning!

#7 Another favorite prank from is to carefully (so you don't wake them) draw eyebrows, scars, beards, and mustaches on the kiddos' faces while they sleep. They will be shocked when the look in the mirror in the morning! From personal experience, do not use a permanent marking pen! Liquid eyeliner, eyebrow pencils, or other removable makeup will do the job for you!

April Fools Day Sleep Prank
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#8 Leave a surprise creature (plastic of course!) in the mailbox and ask one of your kids to bring in the mail. Be sure to have your camera ready! 

#9  My all-time favorite prank is to set the clocks ahead an hour or two so everyone gets up early. When the kiddos realize the time is off take them to a surprise breakfast before school. Makes a great start to April Fools Day!

What pranks, if any, do you play on your family on April Fools Day? Let me know as I'd love to add some new gags to my bag of tricks!

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