Monday, September 29, 2014

Those Nine Months...

Zoey's Attic Infant Gowns

When I was a younger I detested the Fall! Summer vacation was over, school had started and it seemed the following nine months of the school year would never end! The funny thing, I think, is that those nine months were actually preparing me in a weird way emotionally and psychologically for a future nine months of pregnancy! When I think about it, those first few months of the new school year, while somewhat exciting, were actually pretty rough getting back into the routine of all day school and homework. A busy and very tiring time for sure and oddly paralleling that difficult first trimester. Then things settle a bit with lots of excitement and anticipation as the holidays approach. Seems a bit like a long winter's nap with energy finally ramping up again... oddly similar to that second trimester. Then Spring fever sets in and I would start to get antsy and couldn't wait until the school year was finally over. Ha! Just like that third trimester! So funny, I never thought to compare a kid's school year with a gestation period, but it really mirrors a similar path. And the one thing I truly loved at the end of the school year was the annual school picnic! New outfits were top priority for this super fun day! Funny again, the arrival of the baby after a seemingly never ending nine months culminates in the biggest event of all! Of course, a new homecoming gown is a must for the precious new little one! Zoey's Attic can help. Zoey's infant gowns and sibling sets with tiny bodysuits for the new arrival add such a special touch to this joyous occasion and are so perfect for memory making photo ops!

Zoey's Attic Sibling Sets

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