Saturday, August 23, 2014

Where Did the Summer Go?

August is proving to be a very busy month! When I was younger August was just a lazy end of summer month spent swimming and relaxing before the start of school. This year August has been filled with shopping trips to get the kiddos ready for the big day! New school clothing, new school shoes, the perfect backpack, and school supplies have all been crossed off the list. Grocery shopping for nutritious yet yummy items for a brown bag lunch has definitely been challenging. What I like to eat isn't necessarily what the kiddos like! The much anticipated and somewhat dreaded first day of school went well. The kids have adjusted quite easily to the new schedule and I actually think they like the daily routine of the school year. Now the evenings and weekends are filled with meetings, practice dates, and game times that are all a part of being a team member in the many extracurricular activities offered to the children. Dance school is also about to begin. Most of the dance academies in our area run concurrently with the school year. So sometime at the end of May or beginning of June the year culminates with the annual dance recital. After a break of a few summer months classes start again and it coincides with the beginning of the new school year. When I was a young girl I really only liked dance school because I loved the costumes we got to wear for the recitals! I loved my ballet and tap shoes, the leotards and tutus! But... I really didn't like dancing!  I never had any rhythm and always felt awkward! But every Saturday morning for years I packed my pink vinyl shoe bag with my tap and ballet shoes and headed off to class. Now days the girls carry their dance apparel and dancing shoes in adorable personalized canvas tote bags. So if you're looking for a special gift for your little ballerina, Zoey's Attic has such sweet dance bags and they even have tops to match! Your styling little dancer will be the envy of the dance school!

Dance Bags and Dance Shirts From Zoey's Attic

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