Monday, May 12, 2014

School's Out For Summer... Almost!

Graduation Shirts
The school year is about over, I guess! Since we had so many snow days this past winter the local school districts had to extend the school year by several days so I'm not really sure when the last day is for everyone in our area. Well, the extra days work for me allowing extra time to figure out my teacher appreciation gifts. I'm also thinking about some end of school year/graduation shirts for the little ones. In my experience, my kiddos and their friends love wearing their very own personalized tees.  The shirts for preschoolers and kindergarten graduates are so cute!  I love the design featuring the little boy or girl graduate and especially love that you can customize the skin tone and hair color. There is also a more generic design with a grad cap and diploma which can also be personalized with your little graduate's name. I think the adorable end of year hoot owl shirt is so funny too and perfect for any young school aged child! Now, it's a little more difficult deciding on a teacher appreciation gift since I don't really interact on a regular basis with the teachers to know their personal likes and dislikes.  For me, I really love the tote bags since I always have way too many things to lug around! So I think my kids' teachers might very well like a personalized tote with possibly a matching acrylic tumbler or water bottle as a special thank you for a great year. Zoey's Attic also has many more gift ideas for teachers such as personalized shirts, mugs, and keepsake pillows. Well, I think I'd better make up my mind soon because before you know it school will be out for summer!
Teacher Appreciation Gifts

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