Monday, January 20, 2014

More True Confessions...

Fang Dangle Pocket Pillow
Well here goes! I very much dislike the dentist (nothing personal Dr. Miller)... but I just don't like having anyone's hands in my mouth. Don't like hearing the drill. Don't like the picking that occurs with teeth cleaning. Don't like Novacaine shots. Don't like having a crown, root canal, nor a tooth extraction! So there you have it! There is really nothing at all I like about a trip to the dentist. Sadly, I have inflicted my dental phobias upon my daughter. So it wasn't much fun last week when she had to have a tooth pulled. I talked to her a
lot about
Childrens Toothfairy Raglan Shirt
what the "tooth fairy" might do for her to distract her from what was going to happen. To help her ease the "pain" we got a sweet "on the toothfairy's payroll" shirt and matching pink Fang Dangle tooth fairy pocket pillow from Zoey's Attic. We even had the shirt personalized with her name. Everyone at the dental office loved her new shirt. The dentist even gave her the tooth so the tooth fairy wouldn't be confused later that night. She tucked her tooth carefully in the Fang Dangle pocket and hung it on the bedpost. My daughter was thrilled the following morning when she found the tooth fairy had taken the tooth and left a bit more than the usual amount in its place. I guess the tooth fairy decided an extraction earned her the top rate!


Karen Eells said...

I love anything and everything and most especially if it is personalized and for the GRANDBABIES!! I love them and Jammaw NEVER says "NO" to them!! I love these products very much and will continue to keep an eye on this page! Thanks

Zoey said...

Hi Karen,
Your grandbabies are lucky to have such a sweet Jammaw! Thank you for stopping by our blog and checking it out! So happy you like our products! :)

Anna said...

I like the fang pillow! That's a cool idea.

Zoey said...

Hi Anna,
Thanks so much for checking out our blog. So happy you like the fang pillow! It really is cute and the kiddos love it! :)