Friday, March 29, 2013


So you're expecting a new addition to the family and you're busy getting everything together in anticipation of the big event. Family and friends have been told the exciting news and a sweet Pecking Order Birdie sibling set for three has been ordered for biggest brother and big sister along with an adorable matching onesie for the new baby.  The shirts are delivered and everyone is happy.  Then a visit to the doctor and bingo... the family can now expect not one newborn... but two!  Now that's a surprise!  So mom, who has everything under control, makes plans for one more.  She even has the presence of mind to figure out she needs a new sibling set with four birdies.  Now this is an amazing mom who really has it all together!  Not so sure, in fact completely sure, I would not have thought a minute about the sibling set for the kiddos after hearing this shocking news!  So mom contacts Zoey's Attic to discuss another sibling set with the fabulous idea of using the shirts for a special announcement photo shoot.  Mom orders a set of two shirts and two newborn onesies.. a blue shirt and birdie for biggest brother, a pink shirt and birdie for big sister and two white onesies with yellow birdies for Baby #3 and Baby #4.  The photo shoot is a success. The shirts may be sweet, but the models are just so, so cute!  Family and friends now know twin girls will be joining this special family. Congratulations Dad, Mom, Biggest Brother, and Big Sister!

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