Sunday, June 10, 2012

Next Up?

Customized patriotic maternity Tshirt
Father's Day is one week away! So what holiday will be next up on the calendar? For our U.S. friends, it's Independence Day and it's always such a fun celebration! Families gather for swimming, barbeques, and fireworks after dark. But honestly, how much fun would it be to announce at the July 4th family gathering that a new little patriot is on the way? Or, maybe you just want a super-duper cute, super-duper adorable personalized holiday t-shirt for your little one for the day's festivities. Either way, Zoey's Attic/Zoey's Personalized Gifts has got you covered for this super-duper fun holiday!

All American girl or boy Tshirt
Firecracker pregnancy announcement Tshirt

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