Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Calling All Dog Lovers

Cookie's 19th Birthday
So here's the deal... I love dogs! One of my dogs, Cookie, turned 19 years old on Christmas Day 2011!  Now that's old for a doggie!  Although she doesn't get around like she used to she still enjoys our company and her nightly treat.  She also wears a diaper (vet approved, of course!) and a onesie to hold it in place.  She seems to be like some other senior women I know...the bladder can be a problem!  Anyway, besides personalizing the onesies for my sweetheart, I also have some fun Tshirts for my other doggies!  So here, I guess, is my question for you ... am I the only crazy dog lover dressing up the crew, or do you also dress up your doggies?  Would love to know! Oh, and Happy New Year too! 
Dog Big Sister to be Tshirt
Funny Christimas Dog Tshirt



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