Thursday, May 26, 2011

It's A Cupcake Party!

Birthday Girl Circle Stick Figure Tshirt
Birthday Girl Cupcake Raglan Tshirt
Is your little cupcake having a birthday soon?  Why not have a delicious cupcake party?  It's the perfect theme for your precious doll's birthday celebration!  After all, who doesn't love a cupcake?  Activities might include having the guests decorate their own cupcakes, and face painting is always a popular activity at any party.  The little ones will love getting their cheeks painted with little cupcakes!  A pinata is always a fun addition to any party and you can easily find a cupcake pinata at your local party supply store.  A little something extra special for the birthday girl would be to dress her in an adorable personalized cupcake Tshirt!  All the other kiddos will want a shirt just like it!  Happy Birthday sweet cupcake!

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