Tuesday, March 10, 2009

More birdies - birdies, birdies everywhere!

I am barely keeping my head above water these days with my Etsy shop. Apparently, the birdie shirts are quite popular with the sibling set. I am definitely NOT complaining about having all these shirts to print, it's just I often lose of how awesome what I do is. These aren't just white t-shirts, they are really exciting things for the recipients! Whether it's a gift or a pregnancy announcement, someone on the receiving end of my hard work is really excited. That's probably why I spend too much time (from an economic standpoint) making sure each one is just right and that the birdies are spaced right and the font looks just perfect on each shirt. When I question the time I spend and the amount of headaches that go into printing these shirts myself, I get a picture like this from a happy customer and I get tears in my eyes looking at those beautiful girls meeting their brand new baby brother with their "big sister" shirts on! Aahh! It's so awesome!

I thought I'd also post the biggest birdie order to date. I shipped out this order for four siblings today! We've done our fair share of threesies, but this was the first "foursie" and adorable it was, even if I do say so myself! I'm sure before long, this adorable set of four shirts will be worn by four very excited siblings and I'll think about that next time I'm cussing out my printer for jamming! :)

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