Monday, June 11, 2007

That's my dad, daddy dad dad

This year, Father's Day is a double whammy for me. As I get set to think about a present for my dad, for the first time my husband is a dad, so I'm in new territory - husband's father's day presents. I actually have a great idea, but I can't post it here for obvious reading reasons, but it is tricky to find great Father's day gift ideas that are unique but also desired - read: a dog playing poker tie is unique, but is it desired?

Anyway, happy father's day to all those dad's out there. We've created a fun father's day line of t-shirts that we think make great add-on gifts or just gifts in general! To start, here's one of our favorite dad t-shirts:
Some other fun ones are from the simplistic dad line, here is my favorite - since this was my dad's big thing:

To view all the fun Father's day t-shirt ideas, visit our father's day section.

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