Friday, March 02, 2007

an easter egg announcement

we were getting a lot of search engine requests for "easter pregnancy announcements" so we decided to oblige the public!

we think this is one of the cutest designs to date for a surprise big sister pregnancy announcement. on the front there is a cute little chick surrounded by easter eggs and the message below says, "this chick has an easter surprise..." on the back you see the same chick image but now one of the eggs has hatched and a little chick-let is popping his head out and the message is "i'm going to be a big sister". too cute! we're sure this will rapidly become a seasonal best seller.

more and more we are seeing requests for pregnancy announcements around holidays. after all, what better fun and unique way to announce a new member of the family when you are surrounded by family at a holiday gathering. we will be adding to our seasonal collection of pregnancy announcements and be sure to keep providin unique ways for announcing a new baby on the way over the next few weeks. we're sure this isn't the only cute easter pregnancy announcement we've got hidden up our sleeve (or in an egg)!

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